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Missing That Piece: Arklay finds what he was looking for on ‘Make Me Human’

Taken off the action-packed and deeply personal six-track EP ‘Frankenstein’s Monster‘ which is all about dealing with the tragic loss of his best friend and finding that long-awaited love, Arklay returns with the lead single called ‘Make Me Human‘.

Arklay is a creative twenty-three year old indie alt-rock singer-songwriter and producer, who makes that real music about things that have been holding him back for so long, as he opens the door to being content in life.

”After losing his best friend to suicide, he strives to make his inner turmoil and monstrous emotions into something special, something that will show the world who he really is.” – Arklay

This is a true story that shows how frustrated he was before, as the journey to finding that person who believed in him seemed hopeless at times. The road might of been winding and the exasperated feeling of not finding that human for you was definitely there — to show us that giving up is not an option — and you will find that person if you believe enough.

The heartfelt vocals are so honest and touch your soul deep inside, as the lyrics filter through your mind and has you in such a reflective mood. You close your eyes and imagine how lonely the path was, with the false imagination that you are not attractive, when actually you are.

Make Me Human‘ from Arklay, is that single that was born due to severe detachment from intimacy, as the feeling on not being with someone properly has inspired this new track. He has now got the feelings out now which were burning before, found love, is only looking upwards and will never look back to the past again.

Hear this deep track on Spotify and see his IG for more visual content.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen