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Franchesco De Rosa releases Progressive House Instrumentals EP

Progressive house, ambient trance artist Franchesco De Rosa has released their eight-track collection ‘Progessive House Instrumentals’.

From beginning to end, it’s lively, it’s manic and it has a few killer beats. Each track is different, each having its own dose of high energy and contagious melodies to create this selection of Progressive House pieces.

It’s up-lifting and the way the rhythm flows within each element of sound is so entertaining to listen too. Each beat is so well thought out and of course not forgetting about those insane breakdowns that create such a suspenseful feeling as it takes you on a journey through the powerful use of sound.

Franchesco has made a collection of house tracks, using a synthesiser and a drum machine to give it the electronica feel, be sure to add this one to your playlist.

Check out Franchesco De Rosa Progressive House Instrumentals EP by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall