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An aura of introspection resounds through Alexander Grenville’s neo-classic piano score, Fragile

Alexander Grenville echoed the beauty of fragility through his standout neo-classical composition, Fragile, which carries a touch of the introspective flair of Nils Frahm and the cinematic scope of Ramin Djawdi’s Westworld scores.

Known for the contemplative character of his evocative work, the English musician excels in allowing technically explorative pieces to resound as fragments of deeply personal reflections. In Fragile, the open space between the piano keys becomes an ethereal terrain as the brief quiescent interludes become as integral to the piece as the piano keys he strikes with gentle intuitive tenacity.

The synthesis of mournful repose and lively exploration culminates in a deeply profound aural experience which speaks of the composer’s close relationship with his muse. Drawing inspiration from Ludovico Einaudi, Ola Gjeilo, Erik Satie, and folk artists in the vein of Karine Polwart, Alexander Grenville’s sonic signature is more akin to an eloquent calligraphy; one that distinctively scribes through the mind delivering cathartic solace and inviting you to look at the world through a more introspective lens.

Fragile is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Preyed Upon My Vulnerability: Ebony Moore courageously fights back on ‘Fragile’

After dealing with restraining orders and court dates lately as she tries to end something that was so beautiful, Ebony Moore dries out those tears which are holding her back from loving properly again with ‘Fragile‘.

Ebony Moore is a Tillery, North Carolina-based indie RnB/Soul solo singer-songwriter, mother, comedian, and children’s author, who has just come out of a hugely emotional time recently.

Fragile is a heartfelt RnB/Soul track expressing my emotions after being in a turbulent marriage. A divorce is hard enough but then to be harassed by the individual I once loved and thought loved me is really disheartening.” ~ Ebony Moore

She sings so splendidly with so much honesty and a stunning vocal ability is effortlessly projected, as she bravely finds herself again after so much flux recently. Ebony opens up the curtains and shows us the picture of a broken heart which needs so much healing – as she tried hard to forget the past – and only concentrate on the future which is waiting for her.

Fragile‘ from the wonderful Tillery, North Carolina-based indie RnB/Soul artist Ebony Moore, is a sweetly sung single from a truly angelic singer who feels so lonely now. She is trying to find her heartbeat again after all this unforeseen hurt which feels like a ton of brick on her sad body, as this is a track all about seeking that light again. You were strong together with your ex and you felt like you would be together forever, but sadly things ended and you need to move on quickly.

Life is so harsh sometimes and the answers are rather hard to find, but are out there if you find the light inside your warrior soul.

Hear this new honest release on Spotify and see more from this brave woman via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen