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Kansas-based metal band Bleed The Victim drops heavy new single Somatic

Smashing through the door and slashing many tires along the way, Bleed The Victim rattles the ground and shows superpowers beyond our previous levels of comprehension on Somatic.

Bleed The Victim is a Topeka, Kansas-based indie metal band who has a tremendously monumental sound which has the ability to fracture vertebrae.

We made a lot of great memories and new connections in 2022 and we wanted to end the year with a BANG, so this is our special single release to really amp things up leading into next year.” ~ Bleed The Victim

Hurtling down so terrifically and showing us the way to soak away all anxiety, Bleed The Victim destroys all walls down and might shock many airwaves with a colossal metal anthem.

Somatic from Topeka, Kansas-based indie metal band Bleed The Victim is a rather thrilling single which shall break through like no other. There is so much enormous energy on offer here which shall shake everything to the core and clean out all that suffocating earwax.

Pulsating at each corner and bellowing down rather massively, we find something rather gigantic for us to snack on mightily.

Hear this dominant single on YouTube. See more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen