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Curl Up and Quit: Van Meter is on top form with Don’t Mind If I Don’t

With her much-anticipated fourth full-length record on the way, Van Meter reveals to us the hunger still brewing from her hiatus on the splendid new single, Don’t Mind If I Don’t.

Van Meter aka Jennifer Van Meter is a much-acclaimed Maryland-born indie singer-songwriter and proud Mom who has been in the game for over 20 years.

I’ve continued to simply persist over the years and stay true to what I want, and it’s incredible the tribe that now stands beside me. And this includes the support system that I now have that not only supports my music but also helps to take care of my children: dear friends, and neighbors. I really couldn’t do this without them. I sincerely thank them for contributing to the Van Meter music mania.” ~ Van Meter

After learning her trade thanks to her uncle’s old basement guitars and learning the D chord, Van Meter has dropped a song about persistence and staying true to those dreams, while never giving in to the shadows. Bravely conquering all fears and challenges, we find a song to wash all tears away with.

Don’t Mind If I Don’t from Maryland-born indie singer-songwriter Van Meter is a refusing-to-quit anthem for anyone who needed to hear powerful words. Sung so beautifully and with a memorable melody to lift up all weary souls, while warming our hearts and bringing us all hope that tomorrow shall be a better day.

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