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The story about toxic love: Josiah Rodda sings about incredible story of ‘Regret’

Taken off his latest four-track EP named ‘Revamped‘, the fresh-voiced Josiah Rodda returns to bring us his latest thoughtful single called ‘Regret‘.

Josiah Rodda is a faith-driven indie-country singer-songwriter, who sings with the wind at his sails as he know what he is performing for. His outer-body experience music is about lifting to that higher place and not letting anything else distract him, as he loves to play live and inspire audiences all over.

“God has blessed me with a gift of music and I’m honored to be able to showcase my life and other people’s experiences with my music – Josiah Rodda

This is the true story about a woman that has been scorned and she had enough. The man she was with clearly make her upset and hurt too many times and she exacted revenge, in a way that made sure that he knew that she was serious. She paid the price by going to jail for a long time but in her own way, she got what she wanted however must have so much regret that it got to this level of madness.

Regret‘ from the soulfully self-aware Josiah Rodda is a stunning piece of layered beauty from the incredibly gifted Alabama-based singer-songwriter, as he shows us his gift with a stupendous vocal performance and excellent guitar skill-set.

This is a man who is using his talents and when this horrific pandemic is over, he will surely be entertaining audiences with his intimate sonic soundscape, of such tender care.

Stream this wonderfully humble artists creation on Spotify and see more on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen