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Not Gonna Front: Daemon kicks up the volume with the excellent ‘Turn the World Around’

Connecting busty breakbeats by Steve Spiffler and with Adrians Beats sizzling the airwaves with some hot soul samples, Daemon shows us why this rip-roaring track was featured in the recent Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 5 with ‘Turn the World Around‘.

Daemon is a USA-based indie hip-hop artist who is in inspired form here as this gaming break has really levitated his music career to incredible heights.

Daemon slides his fly shades on swiftly and pulsates our whole mindfulness with one of the best hip-hop tracks you have heard in a long time. His smooth bars seem proper old school and have that crisp clarity that is a real pleasure to witness Рas his lyrical delivery unquestionably surpasses most of the so-called competition Рas its speaker-shaking texture is almost flawless at times.

Turn the World Around‘ from the USA-based indie hip-hop solo artist Daemon, is such a fantastic track with superb visuals to match, as he lifts up all the doubts and shreds the mic with a top notch performance. This is a busty-beat packed track which shows us that anything is possible, if you actually get in that elevator and go to where you are destined with your ride or die right next to you.

Hear this red-hot new release on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen