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FORTE​.​X – Transcendent Music

California’s Dave Greening washes all the anxiety away with the memorable ‘For Mina and Ava’

FORTE.X - Transcendent Music by Dave Greening

Returning after a long break with a single taken off his 10-track album ‘FORTE​.​X – Transcendent Music‘, Dave Greening sends our minds into a happy place that you can’t possible ever forget on ‘For Mina and Ava‘.

Dave Greening is a California-based indie pianist who makes those peaceful soundtracks you can uplift your spirit with when you need that calming melody after dealing with the negative noises of the world.

Forte.x comes after an 8 year hiatus of producing piano music. The album is designed to be played in the background while you work, study, or sleep. I hope you find it both relaxing and memorable.” ~ Dave Greening

Teaching us how we need to take time to release all tensions and find that moment to self-care again, Dave Greening shows us his underrated excellence with a superbly created single that shall ease all worries away with this delightful effort.

For Mina and Ava‘ from California-based indie pianist Dave Greening is a stunning anthem for anyone who needed a break from the barrage of sounds that can cloud your soul from its inner peace. Performed with true love and inspiring care, this is a delightful song that is packed with superb artistry and a genuine connection to revive our tired hearts.

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and let the music take you places,

Listen up to this new track on Bandcamp and see more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen