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Forstory Release Funky Soulful Track “Lion’s Den”

With a rich velvety vocal tone that is capable of portraying a variety of colours, a steady laid back funky groove and bass line, smooth saxophone phrases and an immersive performance quality “Lion’s Den” showcases Forstory’s ability to capture the atmosphere and essence of a live concert into one very well crafted song. Forstory’s collaboration with DTale creates an exciting combination of soulful sounds which blend extremely well with each other and indeed create one homogenous sound.

One thing that stands out is actually the use of the voice like an instrument, adding scat-like melodic phrases and unison parts with the other instruments towards the end, which gives the song its very particular character while showing that the music is created and performed by true musicians who know what they’re doing. The harmonic and melodic content are among the many interesting aspects of the song, providing great shape which brings out that vibrant “live” sensation making the music a perfect show starter as well as an exciting and immersive track to listen to on the radio. These guys know what they’re doing and they are ready to take you on a brilliantly crafted sonic adventure and experience so definitely keep an eye out for their upcoming performances and releases!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja