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Moving On: Nottingham’s Nicole Leaskk ignores the fake friends for good on ’30 Missed Calls’

After tragically losing her boyfriends mother after a 3-year brave battle with the dreaded cancer, Nicole Leaskk tells us the story of those fake friends who said they would be there like you were for them, but now have vanished away like it was a game of hide and seek on ‘30 Missed Calls‘.

Nicole Leaskk is an indie RnB/soul artist, Marketing Specialist, and Yorkshire tea connoisseur from Nottingham in England. She is a wonderfully talented musician who fuses that reflective soundscape about love, loss and heartbreak, through a crisp and passionately inspiring voice and caring lyrics.

It focuses on having a lot of temporary friendships, the kind that was only present when it was beneficial for the other person to be acquainted to you.” ~ Nicole Leaskk

After dazzling our senses on the lovely hometown track ‘Since You Were Mine‘ from February 2021, she feels extra inspired on this sad story about seeing who your true mates in life really are. Her vocals are superbly dynamic as she moves on from the former friends, who didn’t show the love back she was expecting.

It explores the realness of only being able to rely fully on yourself, learning to grow as an individual and knowing that you deserve more than being someone’s option. The lyrics explain everything Leaskk would rather do than taking these persons call and how she’s bored of listening to excuses every month.” ~ Nicole Leaskk

30 Missed Calls‘ from the soulful Nottingham, UK-based indie RnB/soul artist Nicole Leaskk, is that harrowing tale most of us have felt before. You thought you were around loyalty but it turns us they just wanted you for those good times. Sung with a fierce energy – this is a personal effort from a scorned woman – who will not take this betrayal anymore. When you know your self-value and what should be expected, you tend to move past the fake vibes forever.

Never looking back, is the only way to show yourself that you deserve much more when the chips are down.

Hear this deep new track on her Spotify and see her journey through life on her IG fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen