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Can’t This Wait: Leeds indie-pop act Forgettable Faces drop catchy new single ‘Tomorrow’

On an introduction that has you thinking you are in a family-friendly video game you can’t stop playing, Forgettable Faces bring us a sweet song all about taking time to heal up today as there is always ‘Tomorrow‘.

Forgettable Faces is a fresh-faced Leeds, UK-based indie-pop band. Mixing in a fusion of pop, rock, funk and blues into a tasty treat to munch happily into, they are an outfit that is new to the scene and make that type of music you can’t help but tap your feet with.

Originally formed during the pandemic, Forgettable Faces have independently recorded, mixed and mastered their debut EP using the instrumentation available to them at the time.” ~ Forgettable Faces

With an unassuming nature that isn’t too flashy and in-your-face like a lot of bands, Forgettable Faces¬†calmly transports us to their DIY sound that puts an instant smile on your dial. They are a compelling act and after being inspired to make music due to these locked-up-inside times, there is much to enjoy about a group that performs with such a kindhearted style.

Tomorrow‘ from the lovable Leeds, UK-based indie-pop band Forgettable Faces, is a highly-catchy track all about leaving the washing up and anything not important until the morning, as things have been so stressful lately. Sung with pure energy and backed up with such a heart-healing nature you can’t help but enjoy, this might be a perfect song to start your day off with. Sometimes you just need to relax after all, and not worry about small things that don’t actually matter right now.

Hear this catchy new track on Spotify and see more of their socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen