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Forever in My Heart

She Got On That Plane Anyway: Jon Fritz misses her so much on ‘Forever in My Heart’

As he looks longingly at the magnificent stars and recalls that night watching the sunset together hand in hand, lips locked so tight, Jon Fritz knows that she will always be in his mind on ‘Forever in My Heart‘.

Jon Fritz is a Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter. He makes that music to dance, cry, laugh and love with, and performs with that reflective edge in all his creations.

Jon has played over 6,000 gigs here in the D.C. area. The genre of his originals spans everything from poignant ballads to rock and country.” ~ Jon Fritz

This is a well-sung track full of meaning and heart, as you ponder your life and wonder why they actually left after all. His trusty guitar guides him through this familiar tale of a heart that ran away when you thought you would live together – and be as one – while you look back and wish you had done so many things differently. The regret-filled air smokes out the ambiance, as you ponder your next step in this fickle world.

Forever in My Heart‘ from Washington, DC-based indie rock/country artist Jon Fritz, is the story of trying so hard to change so that you may be together with the person who makes you so happy. They left for a while but you hope that they will return, as your soul feels so empty and sad without them. Sung with such love and desire – this is a romantic song about that lost love – who you hope will return quickly, so you may join hands tightly again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen