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Happy Birthday legend: KiKi Holli sings fitting tribute to the global icon David Bowie on cover of ‘Five Years’

KiKi Holli sends the world a real trip down memory lane with an excellent cover of the David Bowie classic ‘Five Years‘. She was asked to make this song as an installation project to benefit Libraries and has sent the world a music video, to truly remember.

Kirsten Holly Smith is an American singer-songwriter, actress and writer who has reinvented herself with a new music project called KiKi Holli. She is best-known as the creator of Forever Dusty, which is a stage musical based on the life of British pop star Dusty Springfield.

“David Bowie is a legendary inspiration for so many artists, myself included,” said KiKi Holli. “Even though this song was written almost 50 years ago, ‘Five Years‘ is prophetic for our current age. As always, Bowie was years ahead of his time.”

The real passion and belief on her glittered face and her incredible vocals are a blessing to our tired hearts. The story about the world dying is particularly ironic during this horrific pandemic. Her tender loving care to making this song is so paramount and she has made David Bowie proud here with a riveting performance that is off the top shelf.

Five Years‘ from KiKi Holli is a wonderfully flamboyant masterclass from an outstanding creative who has clearly put her heart and soul into this one. With the legend David Bowie sadly passing away just over five years ago, this is a terrific tribute to a man that is still such an inspiration to so many musicians all over the world.

This is a timeless classic that will always stand the test of time and with the talented KiKi making a gem like this, she has only strengthened this legendary song’s legacy.

See this electric throwback to the classic days of music with the lovable KiKi on her YouTube and see more on her Facebook. Support her on Patreon to get exclusive content.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen