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Stay young forever: Swedish Forest Queen Matilda Lundberg is sweetly perfect on ‘Summer Child in Me’

Nässjö, Sweden born Matilda Lundberg transcends the condensed clouds up above to float down and dip her feet in the calm waters below, on her lovely new indie-folk single ‘Summer Child in Me‘.

Soulfully real and with stories of her youth, life beyond the horizon and with vocals that make you gasp with amazement, the sensual soundscapes opens up your heart, to a pureness that is so hard to find these days.

The stories of dipping her feet into the lake, remembering the coffee stained pants of her role model and speaking of going for your goals in life, shows you that she is an old soul. A thoughtful singer that opens the door into her life for a few minutes at a time, her vulnerable energies are a heartfelt gift that is wrapped in a delightful Christmas parcel for us to appreciate and treasure.

With her now introducing her band on the next single, you get the feeling that she is finding the sound that she is looking for and let’s face it, making music and memories with friends is so much better. After living in London for a while, she has opened up a new creative door in her mind and she intends walking right through it and upwards to new experiences.

Summer Child in Me‘ from the majestic Swedish singer-songwriter Matilda Lundberg is a piece of breath-taking beauty that can’t ever be copied. Her luscious voice lathers your tired soul with a tender touch that is like a welcome hug from a sweet angel and this is music so incredibly rare and special.

Bless your heart on Spotify and see her adventures in the forest and around the world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen