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She’s so nice you fell in love twice: Ethan Ness sings of that special feeling inside his heart on ‘In Love Again’

Soulfully honest Forest Lake, Minnesota singer-songwriter Ethan Ness returns with his new storytelling gem on ‘In Love Again‘ which is taken off this latest full length album ‘Along The Way‘.

The jazzy-blues start walks us into the door of this intricate song that soon morphs into more of a pop song to add even further intrigue into the mix. The bouncy rhythm gets you into the mood to dance and be free again, after this locked up inside kinda year.

This is an immensely talented singer who has the gift to tell a story so vividly and with a real look inside the world of being in love. You have that fuzzy feeling inside your stomach and your whole world feels so much better when you think of her.

The story evolves throughout and soon we hear how he feel so deep in love and everything was so fun and real. The feeling inside his heart was happy and calm, but then something happened. She moved on and left him behind and from there, it was over so quickly like a flame that has been blown out by the wind. You took it badly but it seemed at first that she didn’t really care.

Then, the world swung around 360 degrees and she is back in town. The love is there again and you are smitten. Falling in love with the same person twice is always risky, especially if you get let down again as that would hurt you twice as hard.

This is a groovy love story with layers of incredible background music and the chorus will have you singing at th etop of your lungs all day. ‘Along The Way‘ from the eloquently talented Ethan Ness¬†is a sweet story about how you can still love someone even through they seemed to walk away form you before. If you can both trust each other again, maybe a 2nd chance of love is truly possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen