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Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley bring the truth on ‘Summer Fast’

Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley bring the truth on ‘Summer Fast‘ as this video is so well made and sung with passion.

With a video featuring a baby and pictures from the youngster, this is a song that grabs you by the heart and makes you smile. Life is too short to waste and this is the message here. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. The world is so windy sometimes and the dusty streets can blur our eyesight sideways. Music and what matters to you deep inside, is all that really counts.

I like the message a lot on this indie-pop-rap track that is so far from wack. The message is real, the video is brilliant and the vocals are crispy and fresh. Just the way music should be. Life is too short for anything else and I’m very inspired by this track.

Summer Fast‘ from Richie Ravello feat. Ryan Spring Dooley¬†is an awesome song and with a message that shines through. When you find that moment in your life of pure happiness, all other petty things fly away like a grumpy bird. Take charge and do what makes you happy.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen