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Ready To Roll: C.K.G swoops down like a hungry eagle on bouncy gem ‘Well’ (We Survivors)

Taken off his vibrant thirteen-track album ‘For The Music Supervisors, Vol.2‘, C.K.G shows us that he is ready for anything as he has seen much and is down for whatever obstacles come his way with his new track ‘Well’ (We Survivors).

C.K.G is an award-winning music producer and indie singer-songwriter/rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He makes that mood-lifting ambiance that has those feet tapping and your whole body moving to the rhythmic vibe, of a true underground legend with that style you are born with.

This is a compilation of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Trap, Rap, House music & more.” ~ C.K.G

With energetic bars that stomps the floor and has you nodding that delighted head in absolute delight, this is a real throwback to those classic days of hip-hop and is made with a modern edge too. He seems to have that I’m-ready-to-ride mentality, which shows he has met many fakes before who actually want him to fail. After realized who is real in this copycat world, he turns up the voltage and flows through the air to swoop down and remind us what good music should sound like.

Well(We Survivors) from the Chicago, Illinois-based music producer and rapper/singer-songwriter C.K.G, is that call to keep the motivation high as things are always falling around us in life. He raps with a clearly efficient style and the beat is rather juicy on this one, as he throws us up in the air on this party-style track for the ages.

Hear this new sizzle-single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen