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Together we align: Activ8te breaks through the walls on the joyful new single, All We Do Is Shine (feat. footleg)

Finding those uncharted paths like a disguised treasure hunter who is actually looking out for the entire humanity, Activ8te opens up the light and shows us the way to a better place to reside in on All We Do Is Shine (feat. footleg).

Activ8te is a California-born indie Cybersecurity-meets-EDM act that makes the kind of music which will stir the emotions of millions who are looking for something more.

Activ8te, an electronic music producer for Silicon Valley techies, collaborates with Chicago-based artist and accomplished music-thanatologist, footleg, to create the captivating track “All We Do Is Shine.” This love song showcases a softer, more emotional side of Activ8te, exploring the significance of deep emotional relationships and the powerful bond between two people navigating life’s challenges.” ~ Activ8te

Transmitting rays of security researcher assistance to help safeguard our future, Activ8te rises above the clouds and breaks all hacker-like noise so we can be happier in a community with only good vibes on this tremendously projected single.

All We Do Is Shine (feat. footleg) from indie Cyberhouse act Activ8te is a truly tremendously enticing track which shall rattle the bones of millions. Showing superb skill and never letting go for a second, we find a dazzling effort made with a poise which shall impress even the pickiest music fan.

Listen up on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen