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When I See You Again: ZoeBoy Oso shall never leave the beaches on Foot Soulja

Dropping a sizzling single which shall reignite the dedication needed to be successful in this wild world, ZoeBoy Oso jumps off the porch and shows us all that he isn’t playing games on the excellent new track Foot Soulja.

ZoeBoy Oso is a Fort Myers, Florida-based indie hip hop artist who drops incredibly bar-heavy tracks to get those bodies moving when needed most.

His Haitian background and upbringing is very apparent in his music as well as mannerisms.” ~ ZoeBoy Oso

With an intro to turn up loud and a lyrical web of body-clinching swords to slice with, ZoeBoy Oso might be exactly what the doctor ordered. He’s fearless and raps with that ravenous hunger you are only born with.

Foot Soulja from Fort Myers, Florida-based indie hip hop artist ZoeBoy Oso is a rather thunderous effort, which is crowded with street stories. Taking us deep into the underground with a superbly enticing tune to savour, we find an emcee who is certainly in form right now.

Rich in quality and loaded with a catchy beat to spark up with, this is a sure-fire speaker-ripper of note.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen