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Follow the Right Light

Sojourn into Scott Murphy’s profound musical ethos with his seminally lush release,  Follow the Right Light

Scott Murphy’s standout release, Follow the Right Light, featuring Janek Gwizdala, Daniel Chu, and Padget Fresh Nanton, taken from his expansively styled album, a dream of form, is a sublime exploration of the intersections between easy listening jazz and art-rock.

As Murphy’s sax lines lace the instrumental soundscape with smoky strident cultivation with a similar sense of Pete Wareham’s fiery finesse, the trip-hop-esque percussion modernises the jazz-infused production, ensuring that Follow the Right Light resounds far away from your typical and inaccessible jazz fare.

Scott Murphy, an internationally acclaimed name in the jazz scene, proved exactly how he earned his prestigious stripes with Follow the Right Light; the 10-minute sojourn into sensuous serenity is as essential as listens come for those who carry a penchant for jazz, and those who look for catharsis in lush sound palettes.

Follow the Right Light was officially released on April 20; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast