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A multi-faceted soundscape: 8udDha bl0od release GudMorganKorgOrgan

Release after release, 8udDha bl0od never cease to stupefy with their unparalleled style, and if you sift through each of their tracks you’ll see they truly are a one-of-a-kind gig.

It’s astounding, almost mesmerizing what they’ve done in one of their latest releases GudMorganKorgOrgan, coming in at 35:53 with multiple songs in one track as to create a multi-versatile masterpiece. In a way it reminded me of what Radiohead did with Paranoid Android, however definitely not as indie and lyric-centred; besides, here 8udDha bl0od classify as having folk roots that magnify every single part of GudMorganKorgOrgan.

There’s some sort of style shift between each track – starting from what strikes as folkloristic melodies leading to a surprising synth-tetic loop that drops into an acoustic guitar strumming. The vocals immediately handed me a memento of Thom Yorke’s vocal flair.

All in all, GudMorganKorgOrgan is not just a song, it’s a sensory experience you plunge into to appreciate a multi-faceted soundscape you’ll be able to taste, hear, and see.

Let 8udDha bl0od overwhelm you with GudMorganKorgOrgan on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.