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UK Folk Singer-Songwriter Fabio Whyte Has Released Their Latest Masterfully Arrestive Single “Misty Words”

UK Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter Fabio Whyte has recently released their accordantly adrenalizing latest single “Misty Words”. If you’re looking for an aural pick me up which drips with ardent sincerity, look no further.

With the first few acoustic guitar notes, the infectious energy contained in Misty Words starts to resonate. From there on out you’re hooked in an upbeat Alt Folk earworm.

Don’t let Fabio Whyte’s flirtation with the Folk genre fool you, their intricately absorbing melodies aren’t a long way off what you can expect from Elliott Smith’s fretboard mastery. But instead of misery, you’ll get organic uplifting vibes from Misty Words. The track may tackle the subject of romantic mishaps, but it’s hard to feel downbeat while you’re listening to the progressively beguiling single unfold.

You can check out Fabio Whyte’s single Misty Words by heading over to Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast