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Wuzzo opened a portal to a celestial dimension with her scintillating folk lullaby, ‘I’m Made from Stardust’

Wuzzo, who has spent over a decade enriching children’s lives through musical theatre camps, channelled her nurturing spirit into her music with I’m Made from Stardust, taken from her debut album, Starseed Lullabies, which gently reminds us that the cosmos is carried within all of us.

Her experience working with children has profoundly shaped her artistry and personal growth; through Starseed Lullabies, she offers a heartfelt dedication to all the children she has worked with, her own inner child, and the one that lives, breathes and seeks nourishment within us all.

I’m Made From Stardust is a cosmic folk gem that instantly injects catharsis into the senses. The star-dusted tones work with the lyrics to affirm the beauty of recognising our worth and acknowledging the stardust within our anatomy. The LP stands as a tonal utopia, guided by Wuzzo’s consolingly arcane voice. Tuned to 432 hertz and blending harp, piano, and cosmic textures, the album provides a solace scarcely found in sound.

Starseed Lullabies is the perfect antidote to the endless distractions and grind of modern life. With its gentle guidance towards self-love and compassion, this album is a must-listen for anyone seeking a respite from the chaos and a reconnection with their most authentic self.

Stream I’m Made from Stardust with Wuzzo’s debut LP, Starseed Lullabies, on Spotify now.


Review by Amelia Vandergast