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Neil Friedlander saunters in barefoot with chilled and peaceful single ”Kindness”

With sounds of the beautiful ocean illuminating in the sunny background, I imagine Neil Friedlander to be walking the earth without any shoes on. This is a majestic man, truly at one with nature while he crafts chilled and beautiful music. ”Kindness” is the next single to be released from 2020’s ”Love Is a Ripple on a Lake” and this is peaceful tranquility at it’s most purest form and the way music should be created.

Alternating between Brooklyn, New York and Jerusalem in Israel, Neil Friedlander makes star touching Indie music that makes you feel all warm inside your heart. This is an artist on a journey of self-discovery and his peaceful nature as a friendly guide in this harsh world, is tremendously appreciated by all of his loyal listeners.

Kindness” is a reflective song, about finding ones purpose. This album is dedicated to anyone who has forgotten something they would like to remember and this song follows in the same path. What is it you would like to remember? Being kind is something that is too often looked at as a debilitating weakness when in fact, it is a quiet strength. I love the concept behind the message and Neil Friedlander’s softly spoken voice that implores you to listen, without actually asking.

Hear the song right here on Neil’s Spotify page.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Lunox – Big Town: Magnetically Raw Folk Indie

Up and coming artist Lunox’s latest Indie Folk single “Big Town” may be a little Lo Fi, but the Folk Singer-Songwriter was still able to contain the raw essence of his sound to provide an arresting attack of aural magnetism.

If you’re anything like me, and you love to hear artists throw away any sense of constraint when hitting vocal highs prepare to be absolutely overwhelmed by the colossal vocal power from Lunox in Big Town. The track was written upon reflection on the artist’s relocation to the capital of Sweden, the lyrics poignantly capture the emotions which followed the Folk artist on his journey to put you right there beside him. Despite Big Town being a Folk track, there’s still a punchily energetic aura behind the sound of the progressions of the acoustic guitar against the crashing percussion from the drums.

You can check out Lunox’s latest single “Big Town” for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Max Minardi – Stories EP Review: Hauntingly Uplifting Americana Folk Indie

Your mind no longer has to stretch imagining how sweet an American Roots, Folk Indie sound would taste. Max Minardi has created the sensual infusion of sound through his 2018 EP Stories. Max shares the same poignant lyricism of iconic artists such as Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Yet his Americana Roots sound brings melancholy to life in a way that I can say with all certainty that I’ve never heard the likes of before. The Northern Calfornia singer-songwriter also throws influences from the likes of Damien Rice, Ben Howard and Iron & Wine into his pensive mix. If anyone ever tells you that romance is dead, point them in Max Minardi’s direction. He’s a one-man powerhouse of talent that creates a highly resonant cacophony of sound that’s an absolute pleasure to listen to. The empowering aura he creates really comes to life through the fourth track on the EP I’ll Be Mine, in which he teamed up with a female vocalist to create one of the most blissful duets since Glenn Hansard & Marketa Irglova.

Stories Is now available to check out on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast