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Henry Charles reached the epitome of vulnerable intimacy with his debut, Just One More Time

Henry Charles’ debut single, Just One More Time, is a marker of his ability to construct emotional connections with his audience. Soulful, intimate, and a testament to his patience and vulnerability as a songwriter, Just One More Time is a promising start to what is sure to be an illustrious career.

With a folk timbre reminiscent of Jacko Hooper, the sting of Tom Odell, and the profoundness of Bill Ryder-Jones, Charles carved out his own niche in the British singer-songwriter landscape. From the first strike of the minor piano keys, Just One More Time envelops you in its world. The ripples of reverb set the stage for Charles’ light yet evocative harmonies. Each progression in the song is a revelation, a bittersweet exploration of torment and longing.

The gentle orchestral strings with moody, turbulent electronic synthetics create a stunning auditory contrast. This juxtaposition mirrors the emotional turmoil at the heart of the song – a yearning for connection in a world that often feels vacuous and cold.

The refrain ‘just one more time’ echoes throughout the track, a quiescent plea for reconnection to something visceral and sanctifying. It’s a testament to Charles’ ability to tap into a tender pool of expression, making every note and lyric resonate with the listener’s own experiences of loss and desire.

Just One More Time was officially released on January 31st; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eleanor Goldfield has made her solo debut with the radical Americana EP, ‘No Solo’.

After opening for acts such as Helmet and Tom Morello in her band Rooftop Revolutionaries, Elanor Goldfield has launched her solo debut EP, ‘No Solo,’ which consists of three original songs and two spoken-word pieces. It’s a far cry from her political hard rock sound in Rooftop Revolutionaries, but the queer creative radical, journalist and filmmaker’s versatile sound still comes with a bruising impact.

The single, ‘Pyre’, is the perfect introduction to her visceral songwriting style. The enthralling slice of Americana lays its foundation in swampy bluegrass roots, while the easy acoustic guitar chords bring a light accordant air of singer-songwriter country folk. While tackling themes of damnation, the radical track unapologetically forces into consciousness the destruction that collectively surrounds us while speaking to your soul with a recognition that only exceptional songwriters can achieve.

With lyrics such as, “What do you live for if they’re dying to kill for a dime?”, if you don’t feel something listening to Pyre, you may want to check you’ve still got a pulse.

If you find space on your playlists for Bonny Light Horseman, Angel Olsen or Sharen Van Etten on your playlists, you’ll definitely want to make room for Goldfield’s debut EP.

Elanor Goldfield’s debut EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast