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Folk Rock artist Ragged Road have released their latest single “I’ve Been Travelling”

Ragged Road created the perfect escapism music with their latest Folk single “I’ve Been Travelling” which was released on February 28th.

The concordant mellifluous rhythms in I’ve Been Travelling are accompanied by instantly captivating warm vocals which pull you through the meandering soundscape which oozes wanderlust vibes. I’ve Been Travelling may be a traditionally orchestrated Americana Folk Blues track, but magnetism found in nostalgia-inducing soundscapes will remain timelessly appealing.

Ragged Road made their debut in 2018, but they’ve already proven that they’re at the forefront of Alt Folk innovation. It’s going to be incredibly exciting to see where they take their uniquely Celtic sound next.

You can check out I’ve Been Travelling for yourselves by roaming over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Strange Valentines – Just Like That: Riff-Heavy Folk Blues

There was no forgetting the Strange Valentines after hearing their 2018 release “Rural Abyss”, this time they’re back, and the duo has got even more artfully vibrant with their upcoming single “Just Like That”. The single which is due for release on June 1st, 2019 provides all of the endearingly charismatic elements of Folk, yet, behind the storytelling lyrics and the quirky energy of the track, you’re treated to a bed of heavy riffs which carry a more Rock inclination. The sense of aural chemistry between Janet Mills’ vocals and the raw cutting guitar from David Farrell remains palpable throughout the duration of the single.

Head on over to Spotify and check out the all the releases from the Strange Valentines.

Review by Amelia Vandergast