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Hope overcomes fear in the live recording in the woods of Lara Eidi’s folk ballad, Maybe Then

When so many folk artists find their muses amongst natural phenomena, Lara Eidi’s live performance in the woods of her latest single, Maybe Then, will make you question why the acoustics of nature aren’t a more common setting for recordings.

Maybe Then is a captivating continuation of her previous singles, Breathe Love, and Summer Winds within the depth of the spirituality and connectivity to the organic nature of reality many forget we exist in.

Her dynamic operatic vocal range projects melancholic uncertainty and fear against nothing more than quivering cello strings and open atmosphere, which readily drinks in the sombreness within the folk ballad, armouring Maybe Then with heavy emotional artillery, ensuring that every arcanely harmonised and succinctly held note strikes every conceivable visceral chord as it drifts into the woods of Immitos Mountains in Athens and nuancedly advocates for hope for peace and unity following the genocide of Palestinian civilians.

Watch the live performance of Maybe Then via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Award-winning alt-folk artist Colin Clyne has released his latest single, ‘Within Hindsight’

Colin Clyne

Award-winning Scottish alt-folk singer-songwriter Colin Clyne’s latest single, Within Hindsight, takes you back to the time when ballads were tender and minimal instrumentation carried alchemically profound magnetism.

The tones in Within Hindsight are enough to evoke synaesthesia as you drink in the sepia colours weaved into the acoustic guitar progression and soft neo-classic-style meanderings of the piano. The gravelly whisky-soaked vocals hit the high notes with soaring ease, allowing Clyne to exhibit both his arresting vocal range and emotional range. They say that there are 34,000 possible human emotions, Within Hindsight resonates as capable of evoking most of them.

After spending ten years in California collecting accolades, including being a two-time winner of ‘The Best Acoustic Act’ at San Diego Music Awards, and featuring on a list of the best singer-songwriters curated by NBC that listed him alongside Tom Waits, it is safe to say that he made quite the impression. There is no reason why he can’t celebrate the same success on this side of the pond.

Within Hindsight is due for official release on June 25th.

You can check out Colin Clyne via his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast