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Bust a groove: The Bustermoon stomp down all night on ‘New Orleans’

Taken off their latest full-length album called ‘Mareena Roots‘, The Bustermoon howl gloriously up above with the riveting new single called ‘New Orleans‘.

The Bustermoon are a five-piece indie folk’ n’ roll band from Genoa, Italy who make that foot stompin’ type of music that adds so much joy into the very bottom of your beating heart. They are a band that play to bring happiness to all, while adding a rocking rhythm that gets you in the mood to stand up and join in on the fun.

They are from a City that is famous for pesto and focaccia, so you can see where they get their deliciously exciting music from. This is a fun song to play with friends, lovers and family, the cold drinks are flowing, the food smells divine and you are all laughing all night long.

The fascinating start gets your attention right away as the gritty guitar soon swells into the full swing and the tone has been set. With impact-filled vocals that fire in unexpectedly, they put us into a cheerful mood to all join hands together and dance as one. The groovy bass adds so much sauce to the music pot as the bluesy sprinkle makes this an all-you-can-sing song to remember forever.

New Orleans‘ from Italian outfit The Bustermoon is that tear down the walls kind of track that brings you a pure moment that you have been missing in your life as the closed curtains and depressing news, has attempted to change everything we know and cherish.

Luckily we have music and this is a band that opens up the door to the light and slams all negative energy away from us, for a few minutes of absolute bliss.

Hear this wonderful single on Spotify and see more from the marvelous Italians on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen