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Helping musicians all over the world: Intercontinen7al spray down the ‘Fire’ together with inspiring message

Intercontinen7al  is a passionate team of 22 musicians across all 7 continents in the world, who came together as a powerful unit through BandLab. This fantastic single ‘Fire‘ is one of 12 original songs that were made to show the world that when you put your energies together- anything is possible. All the proceeds made from any sales have been earmarked to go towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The world feels like it is on fire at the moment and with peaceful music like this, full of wonderful instruments and soothing vocals to transport your mind to happier times.- your mood and perspective is immediately better. The differing layers of intrigue are vast here, as this is a song with real meaning and grace.

This is the call for help as the world is in a troubling state of affairs and the magnitude can’t even be accurately quantifiable yet. Many lives have been lost, jobs gone and the mental health of humankind is in peril. Luckily, through this song we have something to hold onto and look towards the sky for hope, while turning this on loud for all to hear.

Fire‘ from the world team of musicians that call themselves Intercontinen7al, is a timeless song that has been fused together to bring hope to the anxiety-filled world of lost souls. Through music, it is possible to heal and join together as one to provide greater good and to help those in need.

Music is the bond that all of us share, not matter what our race, beliefs or what kind of genres we enjoy. If we all work together like this inspiring group has, change and unity is indeed possible.

Support these wonderful artists on Soundcloud and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Feelin’ real hot right now: Weapon flame their music to the world on ‘Fire’

Taken off their latest hot 5-track EP called ‘Winterlude‘, Weapon bring the ‘Fire‘ and keep on cookin’ during these dark and gloomy days, to rise up and keep us all in the right zone.

Weapon are a riveting rap duo based outta Boston in Massachusetts, USA and feature former hoopers Tyshawn aka Fantasy plus Darren aka DFizz45. Together as one formidable team, they make that street-hop real story-filled melodic hip-hop that makes you feel good, so you can get through the day and feel alive.

With a smooth flow, these two talented rappers leave no doubt about their emotions right now. They are both feeling like this is their time to give back to the music world that has given them so much. They give us a top performance that shows their incredible lyrical ability, over a sumptuously tasty beat for the ages.

Fire‘ from Boston rap duo Weapon, is a look into the lives of two emcee’s who are feeling good right now and want to share it with the world. They rap with effortless abandon and show that things can be happy with clear skies in this dark and gloomy world.

When you feeling good, spreading this positive vibe is a much-needed element to inspire others to reach their goals. With so much negative energy around, this is the reason why music was invented in the first place. Assisting others when they are low, so they can aim high again and get those three points every time.

Hear this toasty gem on Spotify and see their rise to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Anti-5G in full force: Felix & Cyko show their growing frustration on the raw and rebellious ‘Shotout’

There is fire everywhere, guns are casually swung around like kids toys, and the Rap-Rock is so ravaging and extremely raw. These young men are clearly angry with the world and 2020 has just added more paraffin to an already burning mosh pit of disillusionment. With job losses at record levels, so much hate around and twisted 5G news strewn all over TV sets globally, this is the worrying state of affairs currently for many. When drugs are easier to find than work, this creates a flaming fire-pit as Felix & Cyko join forces with Treeburke to light the fuse on this dangerous Halloween track called ‘Shotout‘.

The Rap-Rock is so fearsome and this is a video that you will either love or hate. The visuals are disturbing and the raps blow a massive whole into the speakers. The clear frustration is so obvious to see as these young rapper shred everything in their path on the streets of Pittsburgh.

Your eyes are opening wide here and this will be a song you won’t forget too easily. Love is furthest from their minds as the hate has split over like a tanker truck that has T-boned and flipped over, gas has filled the roads and the match has already been lit. Felix & Cyko are the match and with Treeburke’s help, have shown us a world that most of us had no clue existed.

See more of the modern rebellion against the current world here on the YouTube link and see more on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Yung Bleek rides in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire

US rapper Yung Bleek rides in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire and this heats up the music airwaves with a punchy beat and real lyrics.

Bryant Richard aka Yung Bleek is a young artist from the 9th ward in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA. He is the youngest of 4 in a single family home with his mother. Growing up in New Orleans was rough and the streets taught him the game and how to survive. His life story is filled with sadness after he sadly lost his only brother Courtney at the age of 14. After he lost his brother, rapping became his safe heaven and a way to express his feelings. Since then, he’s been doing lots of rap collaborations with his cousin Fire with Murda Prince Productions and their music is making the streets notice.

There is a lot of street swag here, the beat is busty and moist, the raps are clearly portrayed and shines through the cracks. This is a new track that is a Hip Hop winner due to the smooth flows, these are top emcees in their prime that can only improve. This is a way into their life, things are hard out there but this is a song with a real punch. Yung Bleek rolls in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire and this is a winner.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Slick Brown rips in with the new school Hip Hop love song ‘Mi need U’ featuring F.I.R.E

Hip Hop artist Slick Brown flows in with class on the new school R&B laced ‘Mi need U‘ featuring F.I.R.E.

Slick Brown is a multi-talented musician, singer-songwriter is famous for his contemporary pop music, zouk and dancehall and has an international sound. His latest track ‘Girl ya bum bum‘ was released last year on YouTube and Spotify proved a popular release and has cemented his name as an emerging artist to watch in a crowded genre. Standing out is key is music but especially true in Rap/Hip Hop. Names come and go quicker than ever before it feels like.

Mi need U‘ featuring F.I.R.E from Slick Brown is a new school love song that blends in like a bartender that has just made you a tasty cocktail. There is class involved and that is the mantra here. The vocals are crisply expressed without sleaze, this is true love music. With a R&B-Pop tingle that has been caressed into our ears, just the way we need it in this crazy world.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New Folk Trip-Pop artist From Venus makes us all hot with beautiful ‘’Fire’’ single

Oh won’t you please come back to life. Many of us wish for this to happen but sadly it isn’t possible most of the time.

‘From Venus’ is very new in the music scene with only a few songs out. This is a very good song from this soulful artist. A solo musician, who likes being mysterious with her music story. All will be revealed soon if she carries on in this form. 

This is a sad story about a friend and her spiritual journey. I look forward to finding out more about her and what inspires her music. ‘From Venus’ has a promising career, her voice is alluring and is clearly very good lyrically. 2020 hasn’t been such a bad year after all, with fantastic music like this to enjoy.

Hear more from this fantastic new act on her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Manchester rapper Mr Jones ft AEC releases new single ‘Fire’

The northern rapper Mr Jones has dropped his new single ‘’Fire’’ featuring AEC. It’s explicit, it’s straight to the point and is not afraid to speak the truth.

Fire is a Hip-hop rap track, but there are the occasional rock elements, which at first when you listen you would not expect to hear. AEC is the other artist who features on this single, he brings the deep vocals and eerie distorted guitar riffs to the up-beat rap in a way that is intriguing to listen too.

Mr Jones is not one that cares about what his lyrics say or how they could be portrayed by the listeners, instead he embraces it and creates something that he wants to be honest and real.

The way in which two completely different genres of music combined together to create Fire is what 2020 needs to be able to experiment and even if you wouldn’t normally find them compatible it can work in your favor, which is exactly what this single does.

If you want to check out Fire by Mr Jones ft AEC new single head on over to Sound Cloud.

Review by Karley Myall