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Finding Yourself: New Zealand legend Keith Ballantyne finds the right path on ‘WhereAreYou?’

From the pit orchestra in his youth, to touring South Africa for nine months, performing live with James Brown and studying jazz, Keith Ballantyne has done it all in the music world and is back with a majestic instrumental creation called ‘WhereAreYou?‘.

Keith Ballantyne is a supremely multi-talented Ponsonby in Auckland, New Zealand-based acclaimed music composer for over thirty-five years. He makes that classic music for film, television and theater, his special touch heard throughout as he shows us what timeless creations sound like.

A true music connoisseur who’s had a highly impressive career, who started his journey as a professional trumpet player touring around New Zealand in the early 1970’s. Soon after, Keith’s life changed forever after selling a house and joined Keith Hunter and Bruce Morrison to create Sprocket Films. It was a huge risk at the time as fairly few New Zealand documentaries were selling overseas, but the gamble was certainly worth it.

You feel like you are in a time machine while turning this one up loud, as the varying layers has you so intrigued, as you get lost for a minute and wonder how it feels when he makes music. His mind is so in tune with countless many different facets and genres that he has experienced. This is so far away from the cheese of today, his skillful art flows above all else and makes you appreciate a true student of the game.

WhereAreYou?‘ from Auckland’s legendary music composer Keith Ballantyne, is a fascinating journey through the layers of this phenomenally talented composers soul, who uses his wide variety of skills to formulate something so pure.

Finding where you are in life is so important in this overly complicated world after all, so that you may walk down the right road for your soul to be content and happy in.

Stream this fine song on Soundcloud and see his FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When you need saving: Daniel Ryan-Astley sings about the ‘The Darkness’ all around him during these challenging times

Daniel Ryan-Astley makes his fascinating foray into the often-fickle music world with his dashing debut track called ‘The Darkness‘.

Brantford, southwestern Ontario, Canada-based indie-folk singer-songwriter, actor, future film actor and social activist Daniel Ryan-Astley, is a creative force who makes music to explore his boundaries from within, so he can eloquently express his deepest fears and dreams.

After many years of community theatre productions, this intense training helps him make meaningful art that goes beyond normal conventions. His music is from the heart and you can feel the pain entrenched into the deepest fibers of his beating heart.

This is a debut to remember as we are treated to a young man with bags of potential and he seems like a soul who when he sets his mind to something, he achieves his goals no matter what the obstacle he needs to climb.. With an eager attitude to be in music and slowly get into the film, he shows that extra courage and belief needed to grab that star and shine brightly from within.

The Darkness‘ from Brantford, Canada’s Daniel Ryan-Astley is a message of pain and disillusionment with the worlds current affairs as he struggles to keep his head above water. This is a sadly common trait that is unfortunately very common at the moment and fighting this feeling to look deep within himself to find goodness, is the key to staying afloat on this wind-hit yacht of life.

A little help from a good friend or kind face is the way to finding that extra positive motivation to swim with your head up high and glide to new waters.

Hear this creative soul on his Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Christmas song to bring shelter to those less fortunate: ‘New Beginnings’ from the sweet soul Julia Thomsen ushers in light from darkness

‘The things you take for granted someone else is praying for’.

New Beginnings‘ from the music wonder that is Julia Thomsen, gives the world a peaceful song to embrace and never let go, Despite all the doom and gloom in the world, we must always remember that away from the tv sets, there is still beauty out there and we must never give up while looking for it.

Julia Thomsen is a London-based Neo-classical film tv composer who makes music to relax the tired body, mind and soul, who is a leading light in everything that is pure with the world. She is a supremely talented creative who brings back that genuine feel, that washes away all of your self-doubt and replaces it with a cinematic piece of magnificence.

The spectacular instrumental is so peaceful and reminds you of a romantic movie, the carefully crafted song is something so needed and a small tear will probably roll down your cheek, as you smile and know that life will be back to almost-normal this time next year. The rainbow will come again and we can see close friends and family, albeit with a bit more caution than before; until we can fully heal inside.

New Beginnings‘ is a song made to help others less fortunate during this time of year and Julia Thomsen shows us that love and light is still around and strong during this incredibly challenging time. This is a new melody of beauty that will help you relax and think positive thoughts while you mediate or listen to this while you are working from home. Love does win in the end and together, we can all help in some way.

Please support this worthwhile cause of assisting those homeless right now and help Julia to get to the desired target on Justgiving.

Stream her peaceful message via Spotify and see more from Julia on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen