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Italia Shaniah shows the world her spellbinding voice in ”Mind Bound”

That beautiful moment is so rare, you can barely remember when it happens. Good things come to those who wait they say and my goodness, that saying is so right at this precise moment. Italia Shaniah has just taken my breath away and I think she will do the same to you.

A woman who is clearly very talented as she sings, plays the piano, dances and also is a guitarist. Italia Shaniah has just dropped her single ”Mind Bound”. This song is all about finding focus, slowing down and being patient for that moment that is coming. When is this moment you may ask? That is the point. We don’t really know. When it does come, you will know and you need to be ready. Have that conversation with yourself and get your mind right for this sacrifice will be worth it. For such a young woman, a realization like this is truly remarkable.

With police sirens in the background, I visualize Italia Shaniah to be looking outside her window at the world, confident in her abilities and getting ready for the next step of her career. ”Mind Bound” is one of the breakout tracks of 2020 as this cinematic experience portrays poise & class with a touch of reflection and maturity, which has been sent to us by Italia to keep our hearts warm and motivated, during this strange time in the planet around us.

YouTube is the place to hear the incredible talent that is Italia Shaniah.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Rikki S – Memories: Meet Your New Guitar Hero

Following on from the success of her debut EP “The Experiment” Rikki S has released her latest single “Memories”. She may have experimented with her sound with her first release, yet it’s safe to say with her latest single the genre-mashing guitar hero definitely found it.

The instrumental-only track stands as a testament to her jaw-dropping, momentous command of the fretboard, and her soaring riffs follow on from intricate progressions to leave you mesmerised in her progressive ability. In the space of four minutes, you’re taken on an emotional roller coaster courtesy of an electric guitar and I can’t say it’s ever happened to me before. Sure, there are plenty of guitarists out there with the ability to bust out monstrous riffs, but what Rikki treats you to with her irrefutable talent is delicate and cinematically orchestral. She may have just replaced Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females) as my favourite female guitarist.

You can check out Rikki’s latest single Memories for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast