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A&R Factory Present: Raindear

What if the Grimm Brothers fairy tale collection came with an indie electro vinyl to spin while you read along to Rapunzel and The Twelve Huntsmen? You’re traveling through the dark woods of human emotion—guided only by worldly instruments, ghostlike background sounds, and sugarcoated vocals by a young Swedish girl with a septum ring. RAINDEAR—AKA Rebecca Bergcrantz is both the dangling vines that block your view and your bright light at the end of the tunnel.

With influences from both the destruction that heartbreak brings, to classic romance and pop songs from bands like The Beatles, Bergcrantz, is a lot like your favorite teen movies with a dark side (The Craft, High School Hellcats, and Heathers). Fusing together sweet, trippy dance beats with themes like war, cults, and greed, RAINDEAR has something to say: there is more than one side to every story, especially when that story is centered around love.

While RAINDEAR is busy working on her debut album, the rest of the world is working on getting to know her. Featured in Scandinavian and American publications such as The Fader, Noisey, Blackbook, Culture Collide and Earmilk, as well as a feature interview on Noisey in the US, RAINDEAR is quickly popping up all over the world–thanks to her debut EP The Game, that dropped last year. 2014 also saw the release of single “Veins,” which was awesomely remixed by British producers Charlie Russell and Bradley Spence. About her track’s lyrics, Bergcrantz says, “Veins is about that kind of destructive love that you stick with ‘cause you love the rush, but you secretly know it’s bad for you. This is the addictive kind of love you can feel for a lover or for a friend or anything really and it’s of the kind that is almost warlike and comes from a very dark place.”

Besides her sound, RAINDEAR looks to art, fashion, history, and travel for inspiration in her songwriting, and also has a killer fashion sense (think stick-on diamonds arranged in cool patterns under her eyes and dripping gold jewelry that reaches from her fingertips to her arms).

Of the track, Raindear explains;

“Feathers is about decadent and dangerous love. It is about feelings of such an indifferent kind, they become overwhelming and passionate, cause they’re so fleeting so you might as well give all of yourself as you can easily lose everything the next second.  It’s about fleeting rushes of passion that switches into fear and danger and back to indifference.  It’s got kind of a trippy, reality-escaping message too. But the main point of the song is that you that you can feel light as a feather but still have a heavy bleeding heart….”


A&R Factory Present: Kine Hjeldnes

Kine Hjeldnes is a self taught musician born and raised in a small town in the south of Norway. She began writing songs in 2008 when she randomly fell into a music shop and bought a very cheap and terrible guitar. Although she’s still pretty unfamiliar with scales, chord progressions and pop recipes, she has developed her songwriting from being one chord songs into a more complex universe. ‘Feathers’ tells a story about being a warrior, but not being able to fight. It’s a song about anger, doubt and crushed dreams.