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Perry Lockwood drops the love song you need to hear today with ‘All I Need Is You’

Pulling our strings and placing us into a picture that will make the lovers kiss and the singles dream, Perry Lockwood reminds us to keep things simple with a music video that might get your heart beating rather briskly on ‘All I Need Is You‘.

Perry Lockwood is a Lawrence, Kansas-based indie fusion singer-songwriter who meshes in a variety of genres after being inspired by his Elvis-impersonator father.

Opening our eyes to what is actually possible if two hearts may merge as one loyal team through the choppy waters of life, Perry Lockwood might have dropped one of the most romantic visualizers of the year with his latest effort. The vocals on show will have you thinking of the future, as you move closer to that soul who you can’t wait to embrace each time you see them.

All I Need Is You‘ from Lawrence, Kansas-based indie fusion singer-songwriter Perry Lockwood is a country-fueled single that vibrates your romantic intentions with oceans of excellence. This is a sweet story about knowing you can be happy with that special individual, who you just knew would you right for you.

Sung with a genuine love and a true insight into what is needed to be truly happy and free, this is a love song that might have your spirit soaring with the birds above.

See this loving music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pleasure To See You: Philadelphia’s Faint Halos isn’t afraid anymore on ‘Don’t Leave a Light On’

After being away from releasing music for so long as he lived his life, Faint Halos shows renewed vigour and resilience to return to a passion that has never stopped burning inside him on the uplifting gem ‘Don’t Leave a Light On‘.

Faint Halos is an experienced Philadelphia, USA-based indie-rock singer-songwriter that makes emotionally-charged music that will have you totally entranced by his poetic style.

A lot has happened in the 15 long years since I last released new music. Lived in three different cities, raised two kids, lost a parent; seen more highs than I deserved and more lows than I hoped for.” ~ Faint Halos

You feel like you have just heard something rather special when you turn on Faint Halos. His soaring voice is assertive and highly likeable, as he takes your fluttering heart into a place that feels so much more comfortable than before. He has a way of telling stories that is so remarkable, as we find a reinvigorated artist who is making up for the lost time with impressive aplomb.

I’m stepping into the fray now, after more than a year stuck at home, because I do have something to say, and music is my best way to express it. Fear can and should be challenged and overcome, and music is an amazing tool for just that.” ~ Faint Halos

Don’t Leave a Light On‘ from Philadelphia, USA-based indie-rock singer-songwriter Faint Halos is a thoughtful track about moving onto that mountain you weren’t sure you could climb at first. After looking at it for so long something clicked, as we find a man who has realized that this is who he is. Making music and singing at the top of his lungs whilst giving us something to truly treasure, is what he was born to do.

Listen to this top new release on Spotify and see the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

For The NHS: Lockestock support the cause with their exciting debut single ‘Mind Blowing’

As 50% of all track sales are going to the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, Lockestock dip our souls into the beautiful ocean with their lovely debut single called ‘Mind Blowing‘.

Lockestock are a Paignton, UK-based father and son duo who make that deeply intertwined indie-pop type music. They have strongly curated vocals and you feel uplifted by their energy.

Formed by Alex on vocals, who was in a well-known boyband back in the 90’s and his dad Kevin (formally known as Scott Wilder), an established DJ, band manager, and vocalist himself.

This debut single by Lockestock is an uplifting pop track that has the sound of riding on the party waves of a nice hot summer. The type of song full of heart you can sing along with, dance, and forget about what is going on around you for a while. Lockestock wanted to lift people, not with a track they want, but a track they need.” – Lockestock

This is a song sung with so much shooting star love, as you feel your soul brushing away the self-doubt and feeling much better again. The vocals are kind and loving – with a catchy beat meshed in handily – that has you thinking we live in a peaceful world, like we all should.

Mind Blowing‘ from the creative father and son duo from the UK called Lockestock, shows us a team that are fighting for the right thing in this rather challenging climate. With their kind gesture of donating to an organization who have been stretched mightily recently – they bring in a fresh wind with perfect timing – that just makes you want to jump into the air, as you fly free again.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ready To Explore: England’s exquisite dreamy-pop artist Bow wants it all on enchanting new single ‘Three’

With her stunning voice so captivating as she naturally makes you nod your head in approval, Bow opens her eyes wide to show that she is ready to take the next step on ‘Three‘.

Bow is a highly determined and sensationally-voiced indie dream-pop singer-songwriter from the South Coast of England. She makes that sweetly textured and truly uplifting soundscape, that is inspired deep within from her fathers love for music.

Her voice makes you shiver slightly – each word sung is so thrilling and intoxicating – your mind races and you can’t help but sing with her, as you curiously wonder how far she can really go to achieve her wildest dreams.

This is the romantic story about having that deep feeling for the person you care for so intently – you have taken things slow and now its time to fully immerse your hearts together as one – as your mind is made up and you want to feel everything they feel. Your love is so pure and this is all you think about as you gaze into each others eyes, your lips close and eyes immersed tightly, like you have been together for years.

Three‘ from England’s authentic indie-pop artist Bow, is a hypnotizing journey through the moments that you truly treasure as your body and connection transfixes each other to radiate a glow so pure, you smile deeply like you are in total bliss.

Music really does make the world go around if you let it into your inner soul, so it can lather your senses and never let go. Bow gets it and will go as far as her imagination allows.

Hear this fresh song from this incredible talent on her Spotify and see more as she rises up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Protecting your son no matter what: Kenward sings the truth about being a father on ‘Safe And Sound’ EP

New father and incredibly talented singer-songwriter Kenward, firstly wanted to make a single about the feeling he got deep inside his bones when he first realized he was going to be a father. ‘Safe And Sound’ EP is the music that has arisen from this incredible moment of being a Dad, a feeling that makes him happy and guarded at the same time.

Life is different now and he needs and more importantly, wants to take care of his young one as best as possible. That bond is there and stronger than ever.

The protective bear inside of him burned brightly at first and has only gained in light in his heart since. Soon, the single became an EP and this shows his love towards his son and for him to know that he is there for him no matter what happens.

There are 4 incredibly well-written and easy-on-the-ear gems here: ‘Safe And Sound’, ‘Searching Without a Light’, ‘Hallie Gray’ and ‘Starting Looking At You’.

The first two songs ‘Safe And Sound’ and ‘Searching Without a Light’ are particular highlights as the intricate guitar melodies takes your breath away. He smooth voice is so compassionate and caring, always kind and strong at the same time. The perfect mix of a man that knows he needs to be fair but set boundaries at the same time. Easier said than done but achievable.

There are no bad songs or fillers here and each song is meaningful and from the heart. I imagine this being played on his son’s 18th birthday celebration as they laugh and smile over an adult beverage, his friends happy too and wishing their father did the same thing. His tone gets your heart strings to blow in the wind to get some fresh air; the emotion is heightened by a performance that will have you hugging those close to you that you care about. His voice goes to notes that you thought impossible and the lyrical delivery is quite frankly masterful and humble.

Life has changed for Kenward on ‘Safe And Sound’. He has stepped up to the plate with his words and he knows that he needs to back it up with actions now. Life as a kid with a strong role model that looks out for you, listens and supports you no matter what detours swerve around the corner; is only going to make that blood bond stronger long-term.

Stream this wonderful EP on Spotify and see Kenward’s journey with his son and family via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canadian Rocker ZAYD shares personal pain about domestic violence with ‘’Father’’

‘’Father is a song based on a true personal story. It represents one of the most untold stories. Domestic violence is often labeled as a problem coming from broken families or those with lower social status.’’

‘ZAYD’ reveals part of his own story in the song as he is left to grapple with the aftermath. ‘’Father’’ is a song that describes the long lasting effects of the rage, the hurt, and the depression that a person can be left feeling for years after. It can cause a person to feel hopeless, lost and unworthy.

Through his music, ‘ZAYD’ aims to help those who have undergone similar situations. His goal is to help individuals along the path of healing by providing an outlet in his songs as well as the knowledge that there are others out there that have and are still fighting the same battle. It’s about replacing the negative feelings with the positive feelings of hope, love and a brighter future ahead. This song is about raising awareness of mental health and your voice, to protect children and other victims of abuse.

I really admire ‘ZAYD’ for coming out with this song. It’s deeply personal, hard hitting and you can hear the hurt & pain in his voice. This is a guy I will personally support and I hope his message inspires even one person. I’m sure it will. Music does indeed heal all.

Support this fantastic artist with his hard-hitting music on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen