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Only for the real: Birmingham singer Pavit Sanghera doesn’t want that ‘Fake Love’ on superb new single

Telling it how she truly feels, Pavit Sanghera sings so beautifully about what her heart really wants on ‘Fake Love‘.

Pavit Sanghera is a honey-tipped voiced soulfully real indie r&b/soul/Indian classically trained singer-songwriter from Birmingham in England. She sings marvelously with that inspiring honest feel, her captivating vocals rise above the tempting fake doors around you, as she affectionately leads you into the authentic energy that adds value to your mind long-term, whilst masterfully shutting out all of the unnecessary noise that just distracts you from where you need to be in your life.

She adds in her glorious Punjabi singing to blend such a tasty treat together for us to consume hungrily, as we think about those times we were with the wrong person for us completely, as we let our bodies decide, rather than our hearts. Her truthful story is sung with a loving touch, experiences interwoven into her caring nature, as she is a strong woman who is teaching us the right ways through her lovely music.

Fake Love‘ from the wonderful Birmingham, UK singer Pavit Sanghera, is that true story about how love gets cloudy sometimes between what your body feels is right and what your heart truly desires. Feeding your heart leads your soul into being full as ultimately, you want to be fulfilled in life where it counts.

Stream this sensational new single on Spotify, YouTube and see her honest stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When you know its real or not: Fast-rising UK emcee LCR obliterates the mic on ‘Fake Love’

LCR is back to impress yet again on the real Hip Hop story that can engulf even the wisest souls via ‘Fake Love‘.

Recently signed to Saliba Music Group after first hitting the UK rap music scene as an underground indie artist, you get the feeling that LCR is going to blow up huge, if he can stay focused and avoid the tempting traps that so many walk into and can’t untangle themselves from.

Fresh-faced and already wise beyond his years, this is a young emcee that can see through the fake world that so many feel that they can walk into and exit at anytime. He displays a flow that is immaculately delivered like a real pro and you can see why he was recently signed.

Everything LCR does seems effortless and when you look into his eyes you can see the hunger and self-motivated attitude that will take him far.

The on-point production proves why the world has been noticing UK Hip Hop for a while now as some music across the pond can appear washed up and bubble gum sticky and forgetful.

After remembering life riding on the local bus, LCR appears to have the want-it mindset that the greats have. If you want it, you gotta go and grab it before someone else does. Those extra hours in the studio mastering your flow are worth it while other rappers waste their time in bars and other places that serve no purpose to the master-plan.

Fake Love‘ is a message to all those who are trying to gas this young musician up as he is ready for what is next and knows where he needs to be. When you have that burning fire inside you, anything is possible. LCR is on the way up and shows no signs of stopping for a break.

Hear this top track on his Spotify and see the career progression on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen