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London’s The Lightness Of Being shred through the speakers with ”Red Summer”

With hard-hitting lyrics plus a raw and distorted sound with experimental riffs- this is London Hard Rockers The Lightness Of Being time to shine. They have just released their moody single, the ominous ”Red Summer” and it’s a song to play with the volume up very high to capture the band at their best.

With a song that could be the theme track out of a Hollywood action movie, they remind us the perils of the current dark days we are in.

With a frenetic start, ”Red Summer” wakes you up and puts you into a strange kind of mood. You are a bit paranoid and the haunting background noises of doom sparks up your imagination to a dark and lonely place. The Lightness Of Being have been a rock band since 2009 and their experience shows. The band are easily able to toy with our souls, grabbing our attention, before exploding into a fury of high impact rock that is sure to light up any stage. A quality band with a ferocious sound that doesn’t get too much, ”Red Summer” is launched into our ears with devastatingly effective results.

Stream this experimental London band’s new track on SoundCloud and check out the whole collection.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Echoes Of Her looks inward with latest single ‘Reflections’

Solo rock artist Echoes of Her has released new track Reflections: a sombre, haunting dark and abrasive rock track. 

The sense of loneliness and despair is apparent with ‘Reflections’, and with vocal drawls drawing comparisons to the like of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder – Echoes of Her takes listeners on a dark, loud and grinding road. Not like many other releases on our calendar, it’s perhaps that melancholic guitar dread would be a suitable sub-genre for this style of emotional and highly affective rock.

If you’re into experimental rock with lots of howls, guitars and drama – Echoes of Her are well worth looking into with this latest release. Just don’t stand in the mirror too long. 

You can listen to ‘Reflections’ on Echoes of Her’s Spotify page here.


Western Automatic – Lemon Party: Explosively Infectious Melodic Alt Rock

If you’re looking for your next fix of melodic aural filth, look no further than Western Automatic’s raucously electric Alt Rock EP “The Fugitive”.

While each of the tracks will make sure that your mind is suitably altered, the best introduction to Western Automatic’s gritty and raw, yet momentously anthemic sound is “Lemon Party”.

With the filthy basslines, heavily distorted guitars carving buzz saw riffs, punchy percussion and the swagger in the vocals Lemon Party has everything you’d hope to hear from a new Alt Rock track. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more infectious chorus in a new Alt Rock track if you turned on the radio today.

The Chicago-based artist has been one to watch since they made their debut in 2014. But after the release of The Fugitive EP, they’ve created the ultimate testament to their talent and proven that they’re an aural force to be reckoned with.

Their fine balance of consciousness-consuming chaotic experimentalism with their ability to write solid, connectable tracks isn’t something we get to hear every day. Get them on your radar.

You can check out Western Automatic’s track Lemon Party for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dark World Carousel – Einhander: Ensnaringly Progressive Alt Rock

If you are under the impression that there are no new avenues to take Alt Rock in, Dark World Carousel’s standout single Einhander will smash those perceptions into oblivion.

Einhander kicks off with a Dark-Alt-Folk-style prelude before the progressive track picks up rhythmic momentum and transforms into an electrifyingly serpentine feat of Alt Rock complete with volatile ensnaring vocals.

Yet, Dark World Carousel doesn’t stop there. There’s yet another seismic shift in the soundscape which allows Einhander to experiment with the chaotic insanity of Symphonic Death Metal.

It’s a monster of a track which doesn’t just depend on sheer speed and intensity to leave you gripped. I never thought I’d have the pleasure of indulging in a track which offers reminiscences of Soundgarden and Nekrogoblikon. Dark World Carousel offers a dynamically adrenalizing sound which is all too easy to get obsessed with. Get them on your radar.

You can check out Dark World Carousel’s single Einhander for yourselves by heading over to Reverb Nation.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Real Life Fame Dealers – THE RIVER: Experimentally Anthemic Alt Rock

To say that Real Life Fame Dealers’ latest single THE RIVER is atmospheric feels like a pitiful understatement. The haunting cavernous air crawls beneath your skin from the outset. But from there on out, you can expect entrancing progressions along with an arsenal of aural curveballs to ensure that your attention never falters.

The inventive use of reverb around their anthemic take on Alt Rock is just one of the reasons why you’ll be captivated by the progressive track. With nuances of Psych Rock thrown in for good measure around the danceable beats and explorative guitar work, your mind will be suitably altered as you listen to the euphorically anthemic single run through.

U2 could only dream of orchestrating a single which offers so much soul, ingenuity, and arrestive resonance. It’s all too easy to expect big things to come from Real Life Fame Dealers in the future. They’re firmly affixed to our radars and our playlists. We’d highly recommend that you do the same.

You can check out the latest single from Real Life Fame Dealers for yourselves via SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


8udDha bl0od has dropped another new track A5!D JAm

The Brighton-based, Alternative Rock artist 8udDha bl0od has dropped another killer track ‘A5!D JAm’. Whilst also injecting a bit of Electronica and Experimental Rock, this is definitely one to add to your playlist.

Starting off with that smooth electric guitar riff that plays at a slow-pace melody, gravitating from the era of Grunge, having similar elements to the sound of Nirvana. With the eerie vocals and the instrumentation being kept to a low volume, whilst still giving it a lot of power.

There is such a diverse variety of different sounds and styles within this track, it’s mysterious, distorted, slo but yet incredibly compelling to listen too. 8udDha bl0od has created something that takes you back, it takes you on a journey on the evolution of sound and the way in which it can be modernised, it’s an excellent piece of music.

You can listen to 8udDha bl0od new track A5!D JAm by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


8udDha bl0od releases single 32.23: An eerie and curious throwback

8udDha bl0od have dropped ‘32:23’, the new single by the Brighton-based artist. If you’re into Alternative Rock, Electronica and Experimental Rock then this is one you have to check out.

The instrumentals pull you in, having this old school Rock essence, a lot of electric guitars to create these insane riffs. The vocals tend to be very distorted and appear to be a lot quieter. It’s a way of bringing that iconic Rock sound back and making it more revised to be able to stand out today.

When you listen to 32.23 you really get a throwback of different sounds, one in particular that stands out is Radiohead, specifically ‘I’m a Creep’, you get that same feeling with this one, it’s mysterious, eerie and has the right amount of edginess to make it a hit and one that must be listened too.

8udDha bl00d has created something that shows many elements of a diverse amount of genres, it’ll be exciting to see what the future holds.

If you want to check out 8udDha bl0od then you can by heading over to SoundCloud, you won’t regret it!

Review by Karley Myall


Shifting Jack – Exit: Progressively Cinematic, Ominously Arrestive Alt Rock

Shifting Jack have recently dropped their darkly progressive 2020 album “Valentine”. Anyone with a penchant for artists who audibly push against every genre boundary and constraint to serve you pure unbridled ingenuity will definitely want to indulge.

Each of the nine tracks stand a testament to Shifting Jack’s deft skills when it comes to creating cinematically ominous music. Yet, the perfect introduction to their sound is the epic 7-minute feat of intricate aural disconcertment “Exit”.

With a prelude which shares reminiscences with Faith No More’s “Motherfucker” followed by a seamless progression into a soundscape which is sure to win over fans of Nine Inch Nails, Exit is the Alternative Progressive track we never knew that we needed. At that point, you’re not even close to knowing just how much Exit has to offer. There’s a myriad of stylistic turns to encounter in Exit. Expect blistering crescendos, iron-wrought tension, and an unparalleled dosing of emotional magnetism.

If you could imagine a melange of all the Alt Rock tracks which appeared on the Saw 3 soundtrack, you’ll be left with an idea of what to expect from the Norwegian studio artist.

You can check out Exit along with the rest of Shifting Jack’s album via Spotify.

Keep up to date with their latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Faunshead – Come Wake Me Up: Ethereally Dark Experimental Indie

LA Rock duo Faunshead’s recently released single “Come Wake Me Up” is a salaciously ominous soundscape which any fans of dark Indie Rock will want on their playlists.

If you could imagine what Marilyn Manson would sound like if he adopted a fuzzy, grungy, melodic Indie approach to his music, you’d get a good idea of Faunshead’s nuanced distinctive style.

With Come Wake Me Up, the US artist created a sublime feat of Alt Rock through the use of cavernous drum rolls, growling ethereal vocals and inventive blasts of synth. But around the experimentalism, they weaved in a massive chorus which is extremely efficacious in snaring you into a feat of rhythmic euphoria. Faunshead’s sound feels like it has already has a home on Mike Patton’s Ipecac record label.

You can check out Come Wake Me Up for yourselves by heading over to Spotify. Or, you can witness the aural alchemy in the making with the live video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Shout At The Robots – The Next Big Thing: The Evolution in Post Punk You Need to Hear

“The Next Big Thing” is just one of the singles which you will find on the gorgeously titled EP “Passion Aggressive” from the up and coming NY-based artist Shout At The Robots.

Shout At The Robots may have plenty of competition when it comes to mesmeric vocalism within Post Punk. But with the velvety larynx of their vocalist, they were never going to be the underdog. But that’s not to say the Alt artists kept their sound within the safe confines of just one genre.

Instead of creating a predictably dreary soundscape, Shout At The Robots threw plenty of aural curveballs in The Next Big Thing. Including but not limited to increments of riotously feisty Punk and explosively intense instrumental breakdowns soaked in sonically caustic guitar effects.

I’m infinitely excited to see what comes next for Shout At The Robots, you’ll join me in that anticipation as soon as you hear their intellectually artful tracks unfold.

You can check out The Next Big Thing for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast