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RealFlexxin takes his 2nd chance with ”Right or Wrong”

Right or Wrong” is about being supported when you are doing everything right and if you would still support as passionately, when that same person is at his worst? This is the ultimate question from singer & emcee RealFlexxin on his debut track, does he still have the backing of his friends, family and fans during the good and bad moments.

With a dark and moody feel, this song will put you in a different vibe, the production is so well done and it feels like a song from a 90’s movie.

With a sad intro all about self-isolation, this is a deep track that is full of drug overdose & alcohol influences, a habit that is sure hard to kick. Luckily, music heals and this R&B and Hip Hop grimy beat, blends perfectly with the picture of this song.

The troubled Realflexxin is doing his best to eliminate those pesky demons on “Right or Wrong” and being alone is not a good thing for this gifted performer. He paints his life picture about drinking, drugs, and lost friends with expert ability and we hope that he finds the support around him to help him carry on his fine music career.

Stream RealFlexxin right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Coskun – Prone: Transiently Visceral Experimental Hip Hop

Prone is one of the latest singles released by the globally inspired experimental Hip Hop artist Coskun. There’s so much fluidity packed into the progression of the track, by the time the mix fades out, you’re left a little bit drenched.

The instrumental mix needs no vocals to pour emotion into single, the digital drops and hooks in Prone are more than enough to immerse you in the bass-heavy momentum of the track which is filled with exotic allure around the funk of the EDM beats. Infected Mushroom fans will absolutely adore the vibrant crashing waves of the mix.

Prone was released on August 13th through Lm8 Records, you can check out the transiently visceral single yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. While you’re there, check out which other genre’s the producer has turned his deft hands to.

Review by Amelia Vandergast