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Laceouss has released their progressively entrancing Alt EDM Pop single “Love”

With more artists releasing music than ever before, it’s getting increasingly harder to find a truly authentic sound. But every now and again you’ll encounter artists such as Laceouss who remind you how mind-blowing the feeling of striking aural distinction is.

Laceouss has recently released their album Platinum Spce. Eery track is a masterfully crafted immersive gem, yet the best introduction to their sound is undoubtedly Love.

While you’re still wondering which genre hole Love falls in, you’ll realise that you’ve already been captivated by the entrancing mix. By the time the progressive soundscape fades out, you’ll realise that Laceouss’ sound transcends the notion of genres whilst flirting with elements of Pop, Hip Hop and Darkwave Electronica.

Despite the smooth, polished and radio-ready production, there’s a dark and gritty feel to Love which sets Laceouss leagues apart from any other artists I’ve heard this year.

You can check out Laceouss’ standout single Love along with the rest of their 2020 release on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

EDM Artist Guy Metter has made their debut with the experimentally bold single “Last Night”

With the spoken-word narrative which sits synergistically against the groove-deep beats in Guy Metter’s mesmerising Alt Electronica debut “Last Night (We Took Over a Jazz Club)” there was an intensity to the sound like we’d never heard before.

Your mind is split between wanting to follow the intricate and boldly experimental instrumental Jazz & Funk-soaked progressions and wanting to hear how the compelling narrative story ends. Neither of them disappointed.

The lyrics perfectly captured that all too familiar sense of guilt which follows hedonistic indulgence. With a sensual versing and just as much sensuality from the beats, Last Night is a single we’re definitely not going to forget in a hurry.

You can check out Guy Metter’s hypnotically masterful for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BO JOHNSON ft. Emma Persson – Fields of Gold: An Experimental Twist on the Iconic Ballad

Yes Sting fans, BO JOHNSON’s latest 2018 release “Fields of Gold” is a cover of Sting’s 1993 classic, yet it’s safe to say you’ve never heard the classic hit in this way before.

Fields of Gold kicks off with a pensive piano melody and Emma Persson’s resoundingly arresting vocals, yet after she’s treated you to her unflinching vocal capacity in the verses which lead up to the chorus you’re in quite the surprise. Whilst I admire BO JOHNSON’s experimentalism when it comes to implanting glitchy EDM in a ballad, the switch up wasn’t as seamless as it could have been. The heavily reverbed vocals which appeared in these segments paid no justice to the harmoniously melodic emotivity which had been offered through the acoustic progressions and Emma’s vocals. Yet for those looking for a dance hit riddled within a ballad, you can’t go wrong with Fields of Gold.

You can check out the single yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast