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Wisconsin musician Evan Lane drop spectacular ‘Gravity of You’

Evan Lane is a proudly Milwaukee-based music teacher, former barista and artist who is back with the new single called ‘Gravity of You‘, this is a terrific track with flavor.

This multi-talented vocalist, violist, pop pianist and musician is quite soothing on the latest single as we are treated to a song that captures your attention right away. Taken off full 7 track album ‘Etude‘, this is a full time music lover who has so much passion for music. The love on this song is so clear to see and this indie pop journey builds up during the track.

You are drawn so much to your crush, they give you peace within when you think of them. You are drawn to them so much and want things to be happy and love-filled, not alone like 2020.

Gravity of You‘ from Evan Lane¬†is an ode to that classic music. This is authentic and takes you to a different place. You feel peaceful and free, enjoying the feeling inside of this indie special.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen