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Estella Dawn wants to spend the night with that special human who makes her heart go wild on the excellent, ‘Orange’

After her outstanding release that got us thinking extra on March’s ‘Buzzcut‘, Estella Dawn sends us into a happier world with her 3rd single of 2022 from her upcoming album with, ‘Orange‘.

Estella Dawn is a much-loved New Zealand-born, Colorado, USA-based music producer and Pop/Neo-Soul/Rock solo singer-songwriter who leads the way in showing us that all-important empowerment to set us free.

This song is about potential when everything feels effortless. Drinking in some-body, the way they feel and laugh when they look at you and you realize you’d like them to keep looking at you that way. There’s no place you’d rather be than right there kissing them in that orange living room. When everything just stops.” ~ Estella Dawn

Displaying her exquisite quality yet again, Estella Dawn has a rare class that seems to float intrinsically into your soft ears and never leaves your heart. She sings with a divine elegance that is so welcoming at all times and radiates a complete quality like none other.

Orange‘ from New Zealand-born, Colorado, USA-based music producer/artist Estella Dawn is one of the most incredible tracks you shall hear all year. There is something special here – that certainly forces more than one listen – as she takes us right into this budding romance that is going rather well for a first date. Vocally enhanced, this is a hugely genuine artist who seems to only get better after each song, as she tells stories to make you feel like you are right next to her.

This is music for the soul to heal with, as we just sit back and beam proudly.

Listen to this terrific single on Spotify and see more of this truly inspiring musician on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Classy Colorado-based pop artist Estella Dawn flips the script on the narrative-altering single ‘Buzzcut’

After getting rid of the slithering snakes that were biting her feet on the excellent ‘Petty‘, Estella Dawn reminds us to stay true to our authentic nature and to stop changing ourselves for another person with ‘Buzzcut‘.

Estella Dawn is a New Zealand-born, Colorado, USA-based music producer, pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has the power to hook you in with her delightfully catchy music.

I think as women, we tend to do this more than men – we are conditioned to believe we have to shrink, re-adjust and mold ourselves to satiate the male gaze. There are so many products telling us how we should look, feel and smell, and countless more movies and shows telling us how we should act and behave. In our quest to find this perfect partner I think we can often end up compromising a lot of what makes us unique and special.” ~ Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is one of the most genuine musicians you are ever likely to have your ears blessed by in this world or any other dimension. She sings with a real purpose and drive that has you turning her all the way up to maximum satisfaction, as she sends our souls to a happy place that is quite scintillatingly inspiring.

Buzzcut‘ from New Zealand-born, USA-based music producer and pop artist Estella Dawn, is an energy-matching single that will take you places you thought were hidden away forever. With her classy spine-tingling vocals that transports you into a smile-fest, you won’t forget, as this wink-filled single tells the truth and should be applauded for its vital message. With so much fakeness smoking up our rooms when there should be only clean air roaming freely, this is a sizzling single that will force you to have a re-think about how you act in your relationships.

Keeping your unique identity has never been more important after all. Being yourself and showing your quirky habits, is surely what makes us all human.

Here is this fine new single on Spotify and see more of her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Estella Dawn unshackles herself from misogynistic policing in her fiercely demure pop track Vixen.

Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn’s latest fierce pop fix, Vixen, captures the artist’s frustration with the social policing of sexuality and personality while advocating for self-acceptance through moody hooks, sultry vocals, and an unbridled demure attitude.

In the very same way that Kathleen Hanna did by writing ‘Slut’ across her chest while performing topless, Estella acknowledges the constant sexualisation of her body and beats the misogynists to the mark by acknowledging her sexual agency and power first.

Every woman needs to hear this. Screw it; every man needs to hear this and realise that women are so much more than living archetypes that exist to fit within your narrow, cliched, suffocating perceptions of who we should be and how we should act.

Vixen is available to stream from November 5th. Check it out on Spotify or Estella Dawn’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Choosing to be the bigger person: Estella Dawn finds her peace after being placed under a treacherous spell on ‘Petty’

Estella Dawn returns with an honest story about how sometimes supposed friends turn out to be slithering snakes on her first single for 2021 called ‘Petty‘.

With a pleasurable fusion of pure pop, neo soul and rock music all packed tastefully into her signature exhilarating style; New Zealand-born, Colorado, USA-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn is on top form once again with a sincerely performed song, that will be extremely relevant for so many of us who have dealt with fake former-friends in the past.

She sings with such grace and elegance as each word is eloquently delivered as she sparkles so brightly. Her sublime tone grabs your anxious heart and your body shivers readily with excitement, as you know deep inside you are listening to a special talent that has spent many years perfecting her chosen craft.

This is the true life story of knowing that the person you are with is actually sickeningly selfish and this is a tough position to be in, as subconsciously you know they will throw you away- but you hang on anyway as they have a powerful blanket wrapped over you. Its only when their spell wears off do you then realize that they are a poisonous snake and you should be blessed that you are cured again, by being as far away as possible from them.

Petty‘ from the outstanding Colorado-based Kiwi musician Estella Dawn is a song you close your eyes to, as you grit your teeth tightly and remember when you were used by a supposed friend. You vow to yourself that it will never happen again and smile to yourself while shaking your head, as you recall how they had you under their spell for so long.

You will sometimes have moments in life where someone around you has the power to move you as they please but the great thing is once you know what to look for, it will never happen again. Being the biggest person is always the best way to go as deep inside- being petty only lowers you to their sad level.

Hear this quality musician at her best on Spotify and see her journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A terrific insight into the music business with ‘Dear Mr Producer’ from Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is a USA-based singer who is back with the earth-shattering vocals that impress on her new single called ‘Dear Mr Producer‘.

This is a genuine singer-songwriter who combines elements of Pop, Neo Soul and Rock music with intelligent lyrics and powerful vocals to create lasting original music that blasts through the speakers.

The New Zealand-born, Colorado-based singer has a huge voice that never strains or sounds out of tune. She has that special gift and is using her skills for good things. The lyrics are real and this is a winner. A real special soul who isn’t taking the easy route.

I love how Estella sings and the way that she has made sure that integrity is very high on her agenda. She is not willing to let anyone else control her music career and she is a shining light in the music world. Too often integrity is low down on the list of some performers as they rush to the top, this is not one of those times and for this, we should applaud this fine singer.

Click here to stream via Spotify

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen