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London rock band Quiet Tongues emerge from the hidden shadows with their debut ‘Ennui’

Inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, FOALS and Tame Impala, Quiet Tongues show us their entertaining brand of brilliance with a superb debut single to remember called ‘Ennui‘.

Quiet Tongues is a South London, UK-based indie rock band who was formally mysterious and has been building up a loyal following on the underground scene.

Formed in 2018 under the name Modra Luna, the quartet spent the coming years circuiting the London music scene, playing venues such as Oslo Hackney, The Finsbury, Notting Hill Arts Club and Nambucca. The band took the chance presented by the enforced break in 2020 to set a new direction and rebrand.” ~ Quiet Tongues

With their next foot-stomping single and fan favourite ‘This Water is Wet‘ due for release later on this year, Quiet Tongues enchant all of our senses and deliver an insightful single with sumptuous aplomb.

Ennui‘ from South London, UK-based indie rock band Quiet Tongues is a dynamically charged track made with that extra edge that makes them an outfit to play loud and with pride. They sizzle the airwaves like professional chefs ready for action and bring us a debut single to truly remember because of its thrilling ambience.

Check out this exciting new music video on YouTube and see more of the lads on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen