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J Money drops one of the best reflective Hip Hop tracks of 2020 with ”Change”

You always gotta be looking forward and not back. The world is a complete enigma and we are still trying to figure it all out. You feel trapped inside and lust for the good times. Many regrets and worrying stuff about that already happening that you can’t change. This can clog the thoughts and cause unnecessary stress. How do you escape?

Change’‘ is the new track from new artist J Money and it’s nosed in like a hungry mouse that has just smelt some of that good cheese. This 3 minute 12 second gem has just swirled in my ears like a slide at the water park. My mood is rejuvenated and there are only smiles. The beat is laid-back with plenty of soul. I reminisce about those good times with friends, cruising around doing nothing but together. People change or is it us escaping from the norm?

J Money is an artist with massive potential here after sending this mellow masterpiece to us with guitar vibes to think about. The world is crazy right now and this peaceful Hip Hop track is well-welcome due to it’s honest lyrics and soul-changing energy.

Stream this song via Soundcloud now and turn it up.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Okay, so this masterpiece by Holt is the kind of music that one can easily mistake as a song that’s centred right in the heart EDM genre. All thanks to Linkin Park band and other rock bands, It is automatically assumed by most music enthusiast that each time a song title has anything relating to glass that the song gotta be a work adorn in metal rock and audio inferno sound, however, this is quite not the case here.

Undoubtedly, most times the word ‘glass’ was used as song title was mostly the song that’s associated with a rock song. If you’ve not heard this song before, your first impression after some few notes and sound hit your auditory meatus would probably be “oh wow I thought this was gonna be a metal-head”

This song is the perfect orgasmic song in New Age music genre that’s wrapped with a unique chilly sound and tranquil inductive quality. Simply put, Holt’s ‘A Man of Glass’ is Cool Calm and Collected New Age music. This music is stuffed with appealing smooth delivery of the message, great vocal melody, balanced background instrumental arrangement, naturally simple rhythm and to top it all, everything was perfectly pitched in the right proportion.

I must really commend Holt for her nice choice of music mix and adopting a sound that’s unique to her own vocal power and range, although I’d still love to hear what she will sound like when she’s doing a song that’s not in any way a low pitched song.

If you’re into those songs that always whispers reverie in the ears of its listeners or if you enjoy the musical works by Mike Oldfield, Yanni, Enigma and Enya then you probably would find this holt’s sound really interesting and a perfect drug for surrealistic music adventure.