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Klavdiya – “My Future”s” Pro-Family Message is Wonderfully Refreshing

Klavdiya’s latest release, “My Future,” is a soaring masterpiece that showcases her unique blend of ethereal vocals and captivating piano playing. The accompanying music video perfectly captures the mood and theme of the song, with Klavdiya’s bump serving as a poignant visual metaphor for the future that lies ahead.

Right from the opening notes of the piano part, it’s clear that “My Future” is something special. The way the chords swirl and build, creating a sense of forward momentum and anticipation, is simply mesmerizing. But it’s Klavdiya’s voice that truly steals the show here. Equal parts soothing and passionate, she sings with an intensity that is almost otherworldly.

The way the piano and vocals intertwine is a thing of beauty. The instrumentation perfectly complements the lyrics, creating a sense of unity and harmony that is truly magical. It’s like high-energy ambient music – if there is such a thing – and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the emotion of it all.

The music video is a visual feast, with stunning cinematography and beautifully choreographed dance sequences that perfectly capture the song’s mood and meaning. Klavdiya’s pregnancy is a powerful visual metaphor for the future that lies ahead, and it adds an extra layer of emotional depth to an already powerful track.

Overall, “My Future” is an absolute triumph. Klavdiya’s vocals and piano playing are both captivating, and the song’s message about looking towards the future with hope and excitement is truly inspiring. If this is any indication of what’s to come from Klavdiya in the future, then we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next.

Deep Down: Max Heet keeps fighting for the gold on Double Up

With his debut LP in September 2022, Max Heet shows us his grit that is now meshed with a self-awareness that should influence many who are rather naïve about this fickle game streaming with evil sharks with Double Up.

Max Heet is a UK-born, Alicante, Spain-based indie hip hop artist and singer who performs his music in both Spanish and English.

Making money from his lines is the mission, as he shows us strength from avoiding the easy way out that could end up in tears. Max Heet flows like water on Double Up as she displays his winning mentality on each corner of this excellent release.

Double Up from UK-born, Spain-based indie hip hop artist and singer Max Heet is a grind-packed single that reflects the struggle to where he is now. With a team strong now, his loyal Queen keeping him grounded, and a new studio to keep costs low, this is a track that slaps all the hate away. In an industry that can make a soul cold, this is a reminder that if you stay in the zone, you can indeed win.

Belief and that never-say-die attitude, really, is that special sauce.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ozzie Aguilera wants to know so much more on debut single, ‘Yo Quiero Saber’

Wondering why some are so afraid to be alone, Ozzie Aguilera shows us a new creation that will float you into a fascinating world of intrigue and is loaded with English and Spanish lyrics to learn from on, ‘Yo Quiero Saber‘.

Ozzie Aguilera is a dreamy-soul/pop artist, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast who is always looking to develop and likes to be considered genre-less.

The amount of love that I have for music is unexplainable. It’s more about how the vibe of a song makes you feel and where it takes you, other than just the words themselves.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

A new artist with plenty to prove, Ozzie Aguilera reminds us that the creative path to being happy with oneself is a long and arduous one, but fantastically worth it if you believe in yourself enough.

I’m big on harmonies, melodies, and getting lost in the creation of my music.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

Yo Quiero Saber‘ from the dreamy-soul/pop solo artist Ozzie Aguilera is an electric performance from an innovative soul who has had a traumatic life growing up and feels like is just starting this compelling journey to being happy with the process to the victory line. Sung with real gusto and bringing forth a sound that is new to many, this is a single that shall hypnotise and captivate many who like to see music evolve to keep the progression alive.

Insert your ears into something different on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Being There: Temperature Falls shows us that you just need one loyal soul on ‘Nothing Really Matters’

Taken off their grippingly honest 10-track album ‘Nobody To Believe in Anymore‘, Temperature Falls are in superior form with their latest single all about discovering who is actually there for you when the chips are down called ‘Nothing Really Matters’.

Temperature Falls is an Oslo, Norway-based trip-hop/low-fi-fusion duo act that makes extraordinary harmonies that might stimulate all your inner senses as they make such beautiful melodies.

Composed of Ian J. Ward and Camilla, Temperature Falls delivers a versatile sound grabbing inspiration from boom-bap beats, trip-hop, alternative indie rock and a plethora of contemporary music.” ~ Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls are utterly delightful on this highly thoughtful new single that takes you to places in your heart you might not have felt before. The story is sad at times but always totally honest, as the ear-warming vocals and contemplative lyrics have you so enchanted.

Nothing Really Matters‘ from the Norweigan/English trip-hop/low-fi-fusion outfit Temperature Falls, is such a true reminder that throughout struggles in life, you just really need a loyal force with you to help you through all of the ups and downs. This magnificent effort is sung with a glorious style and comprises a background sound that keeps your mind alert the whole way into the core of this stunning track.

Life can be a really tough journey but through it all, there is always someone looking out for you.

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stick Around For The Family: Ya Minko and Ricky Beatz drop ‘Deux Soleils’ (Original Underground Exclusive)

As he looks to find himself again after feeling really down and unfulfilled lately, Ya Minko sings with such heartache entrenched into his bones on a Ricky Beatz produced track called ‘Deux Soleils(Original Underground Exclusive).

Ya Minko is a driven French/English speaking Washington DC-based, Gabon-born hip-hop emcee/singer. He brings together well-known producer Ricky Beatz, with such an honest insight into how so many are feeling in this caged up world, that is stacked full of mistrust and unnecessary confusion.

His smoothly tinted vocals are wholesome and pure — his lyrics have lots of truth filled inside — that are ready to be expressed in the only way he knows how. You feel his pain and see his wish that everything could be back to the way it should be, as his mindset shows us into the thought process of a man with so much tiredness, who needs to reboot and start fresh again.

Deux Soleils(Original Underground Exclusive) from Gabon’s Ya Minko and featuring Ricky Beatz, shows us a world that is falling apart and in need of a real cleanse. We find a singer who needs a well-needed holiday to get him back to working order, so he can figure out which passions he wishes to get back into again.

On a laid-back beat, this is a reflective track that will have you thinking deeply about the last time you took a proper break, to get away from the stress and sadness.

See this new track on YouTube and find out more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen