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Nashville Rock Newcomer Chase Tremaine is Set to Release Their Debut Album “Unfall”  

Chase Tremaine

Rock artist Chase Tremaine has given us a sneak preview of what’s to come in their rhythmically raw upcoming debut album “Unfall” which is due for release on January 24th.

Resonant lyrics are an essential component in Emo Rock. But in their standout single “Honest Tree” you may as well be having a direct conversation with the artist. But conversations are a little boring, aren’t they? Unlike Honest Tree, they don’t come with jarringly angular guitar riffs which prove that Chase Tremaine’s 13+ years spent honing on in their craft was definitely well spent.

Honest Tree is a sticky-sweet evocative gem which offers momentous energy from the instrumentals which sit neatly in the polished soundscape, but the vocals bring accessibility which we rarely get to hear – especially in Rock. There’s no abrasive swagger, just open and honest expression.

You’ll be able to check out Chase Tremaine’s debut album for yourselves via their website.

Keep up to date with their music antics via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


All My Friends Hate Me – I Need a Life: Alt Rock Endearment for the Jaded

Given their artist title name, and the track title, I was in no way prepared for an infinitely endearing hit to reach my ears when I pressed play on up and coming artist All My Friends Hate Me’s latest single “I Need a Life”.

If you can imagine a complete modernisation of the sounds of the Kinks and the Kooks, you may be able to get an idea of All My Friends Hate Me’s unique and frankly refreshing approach to Emo Rock. There’s a similar tone to Stoner Garage Rock bands such as Fidlar, but there’s a magnetic concordance to I Need a Life which you aren’t likely to find elsewhere.

There will never be anything more essential than intellectual and sardonically-steeped music on the airwaves. After hearing I Need a Life, I’m fairly certain that All My Friends Hate Me is the artist best- equipped to dilute the nihilism of the jaded with their music.

You can check out the fourth single from All My Friends Hate Me for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brent Beamer – Fourth of July: Antagonistically Biting Alt Rock

Brent Beamer

I’ll be honest, the tracks found on up and coming artist Brent Beamer’s debut album “In the Tumultuous” aren’t the easiest to listen to. Yet, within the caustic angst of Brent Beamer’s style, there’s plenty of cathartic appeal – only if you find catharses in volatile music of course.

While perfectly polished harmonic vocals may be easy on the ear, it’s incredibly rare for those very same vocals to resonate as human, let alone sincere. But with Brent Beamer’s new album you’re treated to raw, unfiltered emotion.

If you could imagine elements of Post Punk artists such as Magazine combined with contemporary Emo Rap, you’d probably get a good idea of what is waiting for you when you hit play on tracks such as “Fourth of July”. Hate the holiday? Well, now you have a brand-new soundtrack to your contempt.

You can check out Brent Beamer’s single Fourth of July along with the rest of their experimentally disconcerting tracks from their debut album by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast