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I Want To Be The Shining Star: Emily Luke-Taylor dazzles mightily with 2nd single Close To You

Sensing that this is her time to be with someone so pure and kind in an often cold world, Emily Luke-Taylor locks her eyes on her lover and shall remain in eyesight for as long as possible with the stunner to play on maximum volume, Close To You.

Emily Luke-Taylor is a refreshing UK-based indie singer-songwriter who somehow fuses beautiful melodies with pop, jazz and electronica in a style which will have many pressing repeat.

Jolting our emotions and giving us all something to think about, Emily Luke-Taylor performs so wonderfully and shows us what caring music sounds like. This is a romantic message for the betterment of modern-day society. Why? It shows us that true love does still exist.

Close To You from the multi-talented London, UK artist Emily Luke-Taylor is a you-feel-so-true track to vibe with forever when those dark clouds threaten to ruin everything. Sung so beautifully and featuring intricate melodies and goodness, this is the perfect wake-me-up track to bring in pure energies.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen