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Saying goodbye to bad energy: Bæm drop indie-pop realness on ‘bleach your hair and write songs about me’

Bæm are back with an intriguing song dropped on New Years Day, that will get you in a thoughtful mood on ‘bleach your hair and write songs about me‘.

Bæm are a flourishing Finnish-American alt-pop girl duo formed by Emilia Lahtela and Bailey Krawczyk. They met in Sydney, Australia and their creative journey has lasted for three years as they aim to make music that triggers authentic aesthetic responses, to hug their listeners souls.

With the recording process made possible with a terrific small and loyal team, Bailey was able to add her vocals just before she unfortunately had to leave to head back to the USA for a while.

Their illuminating style slides gracefully in a real song that speaks about a breakup that hurts so bad. The story of being so young as you kissed them in your car and then just like that, it was all over and you felt like your time was wasted,

Sometimes things happen so fast you barely have time to take a breath. You have moved onto feeling upset about this whole experience as you realized that they were so controlling and now you feel like they are good riddance as you wouldn’t want to ever see them again.

Their fascinating energy is raw and genuine, the lyrics are well-made and the vocals stream through your emotions as you recall being around narcissists before and how you do your best to ignore and avoid them now.

bleach your hair and write songs about me‘ from Bæm is a top track that shows that it is okay to be single for a while, rather than being with someone that is so unhealthy for you.

Sometimes you need to break free and let everything that happened soak in, so you can wash off all the self-doubt that was thrown at you unfairly.

Hear this uniquely good single on Spotify and see what the girls get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen