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Rhode Island’s Virtual World wishes he was rather dead with his latest release, ‘A Forgotten Reality’

Directing us into his pill-packed mind that has been thinking rather profoundly about what everything means, Virtual World returns with a sombre song that many will relate to on this seemingly hopeless planet as he shows us ‘A Forgotten Reality‘.

Formally known as Emenation, Virtual World is a Providence, Rhode Island-based indie alternative artist who is never satisfied with his music and refuses to get complacent.

Music Producer, Remixer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Writer, and I Mix and Master.” ~ Virtual World

Taken off his new 10-track release ‘Remnants of the Past‘, Virtual World¬†takes us on a worrying walk filled with danger that will have you wondering intensely about how powerful our reflections are in this carnage-packed world. With sincere emotions that take you right into the soul of a human who needs a reset, to find that true happiness that shall set him free forever.

A Forgotten Reality‘ from Providence, Rhode Island-based indie alternative artist/music producer Virtual World shows us a creative soul who is currently trapped in his own mind which is locked in with massive chains currently. This is a single that is as underground as they come – with a darkly-lit video that will get you pondering deeply – about the unnecessary trauma that so many kind souls are currently facing.

See this mask-filled music video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen