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Kansas City Emcee Dom Chronicles channels inner Mahomes and drops touchdown with ‘’Hold It Down’’

Home of the Superbowl winners from earlier this year, the Kansas City Chiefs, super stylishly charming Emcee ‘Dom Chronicles’ is back with his trademark cruisin’ style. His new single is really tight and this underground and conscious Rapper is building his name up everytime he releases new music.

The flow is smooth and without too much bravado, he manages to get his point across. Chronicles’ lyrics are insightful and the beat is incredibly well produced. All in all, this is a top track to put on before work to get you in the mood. 

‘’Hold It Down’’ is the follow up to the underrated joint album ‘1027’ from 2019 with Long Beach Rapper, Whest Cornell. I feel like this Emcee has so much potential and just needs that one big song to blow up. ‘Dom Chronicles’ is a name to watch and will surely gain International traction soon rather than later.

Listen to the Kansas City Emcee here on Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen.