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Meet the ultimate aural debonair in Emanuel Edner’s artfully slick pop hit, My Dear

If The Last Dinner Party added one more guest, based on the zanily baroque theatrics in the title single, My Dear, from his debut EP, Emanuel Edner would be the guest of honour.

Edner, who deserves to go down in history as the ultimate aural debonair, created the ultimate equilibrium between dark and twisted musical theatre and a slick electro-pop aesthetic that would be equally at home in the Kraftwerk discography.

As the track progresses, the synth-swathed groove pockets deepen with the licks of funk and modernised blues, refusing to fit within the parameters of pigeonholes in the process. Yet, it is the Stockholm-born singer-songwriter’s charismatic character which refuses to leave the centre stage that becomes the standout source of magnetism within My Dear, which takes a Machiavellian devil may care approach to mourning a breakup.

It’s impossible not to get caught up in the feverish zealous retro-futuristic energy within My Dear; Emanuel Edner isn’t a talent you would want to underestimate.

Stream the MY DEAR EP in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast