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Stuck In This Matrix: Emanle Ali drops the truth for all to hear on ‘BSOM’ (Boston State Of Mind)

With stunningly introspective real stories about what he sees in front of his eyes with important issues such as shocking systemic racism, the gentrification of the local area that destroys the heritage and the horrifying violence in his proud city, Emanle Ali raps with such impressive conviction via the eye-opening track ‘BSOM’ (Boston State Of Mind).

Emanle Ali (pronounced Ee-mon-lay) is an electrifying Boston-based hip-hop artist who seeks authenticity in each bar that he drops.

With his smartly-written lines brought to the fore and a quick rap style that is such an educated listen, Emanle Ali shows us his growing greatness with absolute aplomb. Showing us inside the gates and with visuals that guide you through the message, this is a rather special effort that needs to be heard far and wide.

BSOM(Boston State Of Mind) from the impressive Boston-based hip-hop solo artist Emanle Ali, opens the curtains to what is really going on where he lives. After seeing so many changes lately, mostly bad ones in his eyes, he urges the local community to stand up and speak up about what is actually going down. Featuring a fantastically sharp flow and a barrage of striking lyrics, this is a track you just have to take note of.

See this truthful video about the plight of the youth on YouTube and see his movements via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen