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Elyse Aeryn.

‘Salt’ is a piece of indie-pop heaven with the stunning talent of Elyse Aeryn

Salt‘ from Canadian singer-songwriter Elyse Aeryn is fantastic song that is sung with such beauty.

Cape Breton Island, Canada is the home of Indie-pop songstress Elyse Aeryn. After playing guitar since her teens, she pursued a degree in chemical engineering before rediscovering herself and turning back to music full time.

Elyse is creating a fresh sound for a fresh new chapter and her freshness is for all to see. With a terrific vocal ability, Elyse has a voice that you remember. Her honest lyrics coupled with that rare authentic vibe that melts in your heart.

Salt‘ is your end of summer heartbreak anthem. Energetic in its hard hitting drums, yet steady in the bass line, it builds you up then lets you fall… just like a fiery summer love. With the vocal essence of a 90’s Natalie Merchant and the fresh alt-pop vibe of Maggie Rogers,Salt‘ reminds you of the spark that lit you up and left you burning. But all of the greatest loves are over now, aren’t they? Sadly so and that feeling of being burnt isn’t so easy to forget.

Elyse Aeryn wins our heart and soul with this honest piece of art that is a song to be enjoyed and cherished. This fine Canadian singer-songwriter is such a pleasure to listen to.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen